🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Abyss Hunter Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v54]

That Hunter’s sense passive is not to be scoffed at.
Self-cleanse and ailment on target is great, and as I read the card, it would also self-cleanse and transfer mindless, which could be a lifesaver in VF vs alfrike and C2. Quintus

And the 12% heal if no ailment is always welcome

It’s crazy that Dabria with aoe reviver and healer is Average, and her defence debuff is almost as high as Augustus, but Augustus is slow hes not a reviver, his minions are much weaker, oh ya Dabria has minions too. Augustus defence debuff is based on the amount of green tiles, while Dabria will get to +75% regardless.

Augustus is brand new, and hes not even comparable to thia hero. They release fast versions of average and slow heros and make the damage even higher. Look at avergae Eloise,.and fast Onigma… what a joke…


@PlayForFun the damage after minions death from Sorrow’s ss may be considered as minions ability and countered with Lunar heroes passive? Or it’s fixed damage?

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Here I have written that how much damage a dead minion can deal:

I am unsure will Lunar Heroes counter them or not as they were not in Beta the same time.

170-180 each minion, I suppose?

Well, since the effect is attached to the minion itself I’m fairly certain that the effect will be negated by the Lunar heroes passive.

His first 2 hits sre incredibly strong, but then his strength dwindles as enemie die.

Not so sure. Death (destroing) it’s not an ability

It’s like a passive (which bypass Taunt) so it can might bypass Lunar New Year protection too, but we will see.

Yeah, that’s a good point. Will be interesting to test!

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From other side, sand damage from Papyros minions also bypass taunt but its blocker by Lunar heroes

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Is this damage for each destroyed minion ,or for all destroyed minion’s?