🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Skadi, Baldur) [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

The previous version of Baldur wouldn’t resist/ stop Telluria special.

Old version was ignoring Onatel style special. New version ignores Guin or Li Xiu style specials

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So who does Baldur’s special stop?

Mireweave stacks don’t get reset in the bosses stage. Which means at least Skadi’s Frost damage stacks should work the same way. But that means about 300 Frost damage to each enemy after every turn, assuming 9 dead monsters in previous stages. That alone is enough to win against any boss. All you need is 4 healers to keep themselves and Skadi alive long enough.

And that’s without counting her direct damage special that increases with each dead enemy.

I doubt this is true though so I’m curious to see how SGG justify this working differently from other stacks.

It’s actually not a change at all, they just changed how they refer to Mana effects in Version 28:


@zephyr1 hi , so then baldur now resists who? Only Onatel? Or Guin, li Xiu also?

Baldur’s status effect resists the same sort of enemies as before:

  • Chao
  • Li Xiu
  • Leonidas
  • Guinevere
  • Neith
  • Lady of the Lake’s Minions

etc — any enemy who directly reduces Mana.

The description update wasn’t a functional change, just terminology. Other Heroes with similar terminology were updated too in Version 28.

What did change in Version 28 is how Mana stealing works, though that’s unrelated to Baldur.


I think stack is like buff/debuff. You can put positive buff/stack on your team, and negative debuff/stack to your enemy. Stonecleave have an ability to remove stack from himself. it doesn’t make any sense if there is no negative stack that can be put on him by his enemy.

Mireweave give positive stacks to herself. so as long as she alive, the stack will stay with her. however reading Skadi’s ability, its unclear where the stack is put on. If it stacked on Skadi himself, than the effect will last 'til the final round. but if the stack is put on the enemy, then it should only work for the current round. the next wave should not get any effect from it.

Good question about Skadi. It is a bit confusing.

So I guess the best bet with these two is that Afrike will be this month and then these Two to follow?

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Hi guys, as Alfrike was featured in April one of this two should be the next to come. Considering that I would like to start a discussion about how strong are they, their uses and if they are worth summoning for in general.

With respect to that, what is/was the consensus about beta testers? What do you guys think?

To me Skadi seems average in raid and war (unless facing a heavy minion spawner team) however he looks crazy strong for rush tournaments, maybe even for bloody battle (you kill one and then every turn you get some extra dmg to each enemy! ). For challenges and map particularly he seems VERY strong.

I would like feedback on Baldur as I still cannot gauge his power just by reading at his card. For defense, at average speed and with that att/def distribution stats he seems only suited for flank. Is he useful at all? Even though his damage would be consistent it depends on him having extra HP so he does not seem useful in that sense, plus the attacker can bring no mana reducers and that part of his special becomes useless. He seems way more offensive oriented, put in a corner.
What do you guys think?

Thanks for feedback

From what I’ve heard, it will be Baldur next.

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So bad, I was hoping for it to be skadi :frowning: but anyway, have you used baldur in beta? Any thoughts?

To be honest, due to the vitriol around new heroes the last few months, I’ve stopped giving any feedback on any of them while in Beta or shortly after release.


What if we ask nicely and don’t hold anything you say against you at a later time? Cause I’m also interested in Baldur. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I didn’t state that very clearly — I stopped testing new Heroes in Beta, other than when answering questions about mechanics.

I haven’t been giving feedback on them in Beta either.

I think I played with Baldur a little during his initial Beta, but it was long enough ago that I don’t have a strong impression of him at this point.

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No worries, thanks for all you do, even if at this point it’s likely hard to keep wanting to make the beats.


I still enjoy sharing the information, particularly when it’s about content other than new Heroes.

But yes, I’ve really lost interest in following most of the discussions about Heroes during Beta, certainly at least since JF.

I will be all over Hero Academy when it comes, though.


I think you’ll have plenty of time to charge your robot batteries for than one!

Sorry that you too have been beaten down by the onslaught of pre-hero bashing. If it helps any, you ain’t alone.

Peace in numbers.


Is there anyone from Beta that can speak to Skadi…how did she play? What are your thoughts? Does she seem as overwhelming as her card reads? I noticed some Beta speaking on Clarissa pre-release and was hoping that someone could speak to their thoughts on Skadi, having played around with her.

I’m not in beta but Skadi seems to be the dream tell counter. Obviously being blue isn’t ideal for a green tank, but say tell fires once and you are able to fire Skadi? You’re probably killing the 5 minions out there, leaving the defense with -30 mana generation plus 150 DOT per turn for the REST OF THE FIGHT. That seems insane to me lol

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