🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

I am very excited about the new costumes :smiley_cat: I hope they will come out next month but I understand if they are not ready by then.

I hope I can get Renfeld’s costume because he is one of my favourite heroes, even if he isn’t very strong. I think his new special move will make him more powerful and it would be fun to try out in the tournaments and monthly challenge events.

I see costumes as exactly that because of their bonus. You don’t need to put the costume on but it still makes a vanilla hero stronger. My costumed Mel has stats of a normal Mel +4/5 emblem nodes.

Kiril and Caedmon’s costumes look nice, Caed especially for the fast cleanse since currently Sonya costume is the only option for that.

As for the rares, they actually made Carver and Isshtak much better and worth keeping/leveling. Honestly kinda shocked.

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Well, Kadilen is still my favorite of the bunch… Followed nicely by our dear Renfeld.

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So… no comments about how the XP given by a costume when leveling a costumed hero has been nerfed? Odd. I, for one, don’t like it at all, that such a nerf has been carried out so late in the game.

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I have the data & will upload it all tomorrow here:

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@Guy, have updated the thread (above this one) but also created a new thread specifically outlining the changed Exp;


So now suddenly Renfeld, the other dark meat for feeding hero’s, is suddenly a 3* Onatel? Well guess I’m glad I maxed at least 1 now.


Yes he does, but imho in 3 star event or tournaments the fights are usually faster as the 3 stars dont last very long amd tend do die.

Yeah, surely is fun but id rather take a fast sniper as balthazar instead.


Hi can I just confirm are these new Heros in the costume chamber coming this month (in May) and if so how many five stars will there be in the the chamber. I already have Isarnia and RIchards costume, so it makes a difference for working out total odds trying to work out where best to put my attempts for HOTM this month. Grim forest, Costume Chamber or Vahalla. Also on that note are the new Vahalla heros coming this month?

You’ll get to find out when everyone else does. Good odds on all the 3 and 4 star costumes being added, but we have no way of knowing if they’ll add all the 5s, or dribble them out as featured heroes 1 or 2 a month for the next X months.

And I’d say it’s a coin flip on which one it is.

it Just makes I already pulled Gravemaker from Atlantis. I still am lacking the costume for Melandor and the one for Tibertus. Grim forest is cheaper if I was going for only the HOTM, but obviously I have to factor in odds and expected value of five stars I am happy with.

I dont rank Boss Wold, and I have a backlog of blue and red to level. I am currently leaning more towards costumes but the costumes do not offer a discounted 30 pull for some reason.

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Thats what the description of the updated version says. So I think thats a 100% guarantee that next costume chamber comes with new costumes.

Not 100% guaranteed are changes in the costumes. Still possible that “last second changes” will bring some cool costumes down to “just okay” and vice versa

I have done the Maths and it is clear I need to do my pulls on the costume chamber. I do not have unlimited pockets like many people in the player base. So i have to apply maths and whilst I will always pull targeting the hero of the month I always have to target the area that gives me the best chance of getting something I would be happy with.

This currently appears to be the costume chamber for me. would be nice if they bought in a 30 pull option for this though.


Wait, now I suddenly feel like I WANT to summon Renfeld Doctor?
Well he appears to be a baby 5* hero now instead of just always dead!
But Doctor I’ve fed all of my dark hero’s Renfeld? I actually leveled chochin up on Renfeld’s and Chochin’s? Does this means that Dawa…



@PapaHeavy Dude, that last bit threw me over the edge in laughter. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Anyway, I am super psyched for this next batch of costumes.


is this correct? she hits one, but poisons 3 targets?


I just double checked, and that’s correct.


and she stays average speed… pity, that most costumes still dont give any benefit other than stat bonuses.

Costum has 5% of mana bonus that is very good


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