🧪 Early Information on Round 2 Christmas Heroes (Santa's Challenge) [Part of The Beta Beat V62]

It does not make Cookie any better
But they are making Jolly a real monster. Do they think people will be chasing a 3* hero?

Even after all these years, the Christmas minion still remain useless, that’s how bad it was nerfed.

You need 3 hero together to even get a weak 17%HP minions lol


I’m Jolly excited to get Jolly because he’s the only one I’ll get and I’ll likely get about 10!

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Precisely, how about buffing the damn minions lol - any Christmas hero you get now is more of a liability due to them being so weak, I’d rather have NO minions and it replaced entirely, it’s almost like nerfing all the Christmas heroes by having them because someone like Alucard can come along and gobble them up for free.


Cookie’s impediment seems to belong on G. Hippo instead.

Yeah I’m also in the “what’s up with these elf micro-minions?” camp.

It was bad enough when the Christmas hero minions got nerfed in the first place, but now, as exponential power rush marches on? Not only are these minions tiny compared to many other heroes, but as folks have been pointing out, seem to be an outright and growing liability against many heroes (who either feed hp and/or mana off minion destruction, do more damage based on minion destruction, or punish targets for destroyed minions, etc.).

Is this the Christmas version of “Easter/Springvale heroes have to self-nerf with an undispellable ailment to balance ‘how powerful’ they are” — only with minion liability?

At minimum, if Christmas heroes are going to come with the self-nerf of really vulnerable minions, it kinda begs for a hero to be released that grants a benefit for eating your own side’s minions.

(Or have I already missed that? It’s hard to tell these days.)

Also? Carthago delenda est: #52RareQuestsAYear


Hoping for a costumed Pengi. These legendaries look terrible. Very disappointing. I pulled Halloween instead and got Lucinda.

At this point… What is the best seasonal portal to pull from? Valentines… New Year. I keep saying no to pulling… But my tokens keep collecting.

I hope there will be good 4* lunar new year heroes


I don’t think so… that passive is too strong to give to a 4*… but who knows they could strip the nullification of minions and change it to nullification of fiends.


Xmas heroes only have 7% HP minions so .ost possible is 10% HP. UPDATE- They actually beefed them back to 10%, which I believe was their pre-nerf level. Winter Family bonus remains at the post nerf level.

Family bonus also only applies to their own minions as well. Example- I have C.Krampus and Pengi. Fam bonus should give minions extra 2% HP.

Only the minions on Pengi and Krampus have this extra 2% though. Just in case you weren’t aware.

They really screwed the pooch when C.Krampus first came out and nerfed his class, stats, special duration, minion HP and family bonus.

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C Krampus pre nerf paired with MN and Pengi was very hard to deal with since we didn’t have available so many dispeller a or minion killers

But nowadays they could restore him to his glory days as we have so many counters

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