🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

It’s a shame that the developers do not hear the players at all. Why was it necessary to improve already normal characters when there are significant flaws? In the end, they would add some kind of damage to Freya, who has a useless skill. They would improve the damage from Clarisse’s poison, which they mercilessly cut. Hope to hear and correct at least these heroes

Yep, that bit about bothersome mana slow sounds right. And as @GOON18 posted, -24% would only make about a one-tile difference… That’s not much. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of mana slow on a tank. It’s a nice tool to have, yes, but when you strap it to a tank, it’s awful frustrating for anyone who has to fight it. It has a special talent for bothering people.

what a joke, SG is slapping us in the face… I spend money (monthly budget) and I spend ALOT of time to level the heroes i get, based on the hero stats and specials. Now they’re over nurfing them but don’t touch other heroes, their money makers (GM)what a ■■■■ off. Supercell does the same in one of their games, bait and switch. Spend money on one card only to have it rendered useless and then having to chase and level another…I dropped the game because of that


So what happens if we BUFF her regeneration (by 200 hp or so) or minions, and scrap the mana slow entirely? Sounds a bit drastic, but hey, let’s talk. More fun to fight against, but would she do the job? Can she still be Ursena/Black Knight level without mana slow?

Ps. If you nerf Vela, why are we nerfing Telly so much again?

Telly isn’t a problem if you nerf Vela, but Vela also isn’t the problem if you nerf Telly

It doesn’t really make sense to nerf both, and by so much?!

I’m not a Vela owner but seems pretty ridiculous - if I owned Vela I’d be furious @Korf


You’re right, I just got so sick of reading the wall of complaints that really just seemed to center around “how dare you nerf this hero I paid hundreds of $$$ for, now what am I supposed to do for my defense???”

But I guess to answer a few of your questions, never faced a GTV combo thankfully (you wouldn’t find them at my level anyway in low-mid plat), but have faced Telluria at tank and flank. I think I have about a 60-70% win rate depending on what the flanks are. Now here’s what I’ve learned: in almost all cases, I can take out Telluria no problem, the issue is she’s so effective at slowing you down that by the time she’s gone, both flanks are charged and ready to completely demolish you. So Telluria herself isn’t the problem per se, it’s the flanks you have to be real careful about.

A joke for another joke! Maybe I can relax a little…

“Let’s do Tell a slow hero”


That’s not actually their plan, if you ask me. I’ma give a quote within a quote

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Actually, 2.3 tiles = 1 set of 3 matches
3.8 means u need to be lucky enough to make a 4 match to recover.

I don’t have the math for Fast heroes, but I know my zim can’t recover from a 3 tile match

This 1 tile difference is the line between having insane luck of a 4 after being hit

EDIT: My zim after having matched a 4 tile in first 2 rounds before Telluria fired, and then she just sat there limp.

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(I don’t spend money so can’t spend any less unless I ask them to pay me :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:)

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Think we should have gotten sick of the wall of complaints about Telluria rather than valid outrage at a huge mistake by SG to do this.

Again, I highly doubt that the winrate for GTV is over 10% greater than Ursena Tank averaged across all matches.

When we look at before Telluria appeared, Ursena was ubiquitous too; It’s just the nature of the game that top players will always use the best heroes available, even if it was only a tiny bit better.

People complaining about the lack of variety should just drop down to platinum or low diamond. There’s plenty of variety there. They’re just crying and ruining the game for everyone else, it’s ridiculous.

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I was looking at the 3.8-2.3=1.5 tile difference between 24% or 34%. So probably a 2-tile difference, actually… Looking more closely at the math, 2 tiles does seem scarier

Yea it is.

The calculations were based on a L23 troop.

So imagine if your troops were not there yet…

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Might as well add this:
Did you feel there was an issue with Vela between January 2020 and February 2020? If the answer is no, then Vela has nothing to do with this.


They’re not. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Would that make it more than a 2-tile difference between 24% & 34%?

Question: Boss Wolf sort of does some of what Telly does but he is very slow, so how does that justify Telluria being average speed when she does more things than Boss Wolf?

Atomos is slow compared to tyr at fast


Boss Wolf is old.
Telluria is young.


Probably thereabout.

That’s actually really scary now that I think about it.


aka SG can be uhhh… special at times. Got it :laughing:

I pulled both Atomos AND Marg-ugh-ret during April Atlantis, so the pain is very real and deeply felt. :frowning:

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