🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

That would be an insanely nice feature to have :heart:

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That’s a fair point. Telluria is the first top-tier 5* I’ve ever held. She has so many effects that when I saw the mana slow icon, I thought “wait, she does that too!?

Here are Telluria’s effects:

  • 130% damage (so minimal with her attack I wasn’t sure I should count it, really)
  • Minions
  • Regeneration
  • Mana Slow

Black Knight (what a masterpiece):

  • Taunt
  • Berserker Effect


  • Damage
  • Crushes yellow & anyone above half health
  • Yellow countereffect


  • Mana Cut
  • Regeneration
  • Defense Vs. Dark

But really, the one who takes the prize for many effects if you ask me is Tyr:

  • Damage (including bleed)
  • Bypass Defensive Buffs
  • Regeneration
  • Self-Resurrection

And all in a fast skill. But if you’re saying Tyr’s overdone too, then… Well, I can’t tell you you’re wrong.

I don’t think Telluria’s variety in abilities is quite unprecedented, but she’s really pushing the wall. Tanks don’t generally do this many things all at once.

If I had to take an effect out, it would be the damage or the mana slow. Damage 'cause it doesn’t do anything anyway, mana slow because it’s annoying. What do you think? And do you think she should get a buff anywhere else to compensate for the lost effect, or just leave her there with the missing part?

Also, who all thinks the same way?

Is so difficult to make the Hotm of July against Telluria?? Moore money and moore fun for the player’s… Is so easy


Best thing we can do is to go to the App store and express our disappointment with feedback. Maybe then they’ll take notice

I must say that vela’s adjustment is way to high. This would also have to result in a change of gravemakers and other heroes added damage to the strog element. I understand that changes on Telluria are necessary, but for me it seems that new joiners of the game (maybe 6 to 9 months in the game) are more effecred by the Nerfs. Maybe, there should be more increses in ohter heroes stats (like you did wirh the costumes), but again this would be probably more positive for players playing this game foe a long period of time.

That would be nice. I think one of the issues with Telluria is the meta was taken by surprise, and red does not have many tank busters yet to deal with her. I’ve been looking at a thread that talks about this. There are some issues with red, such as the popularity of burn damage that can’t stack and the shortage of red cleansers & snipers.

I have my doubts that one red monthly would be enough, 'cause anybody not lucky enough to draw it is just back at the bottom of the well. But it’s certainly a good start, and a good thing to keep in mind when developing more red heroes for the future.

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shudders Ooohoohoo…

Now I do not have experience fighting GTV. I’m not anywhere close to that level. But someone built with such a bricklike stat wall as Telluria flanked by Vela, who cuts red’s damage in half and melts them like the Wicked Witch of the West? I really like the synergy idea. I’m thinking and hoping that Vela’s anti-red damage cut (which is staying for now) will still bring this synergy into play. Both effects at full power, though, is terrifying.

Although, people are saying that while most heroes that deal extra damage against target elements do about 20-40% extra damage, Vela’s doing somewhere around 70% extra. If they could just take that extra damage and take it down to the normal levels, that may be enough.

I really hope this synergy stays. I would like to see more of it, and more heroes that can fight it. But this kind of anti-red power looks devastating.

All the best Dr S

This post reads like a completely new leaf. Glad we are largely on the same page now but sad to see it’s the end. Take care

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Yes… true…will be a good start… A red Hotm direct sniper (we had just Marjana) with the ability of Grimble for the minions will be awesome… In Season 3 they still making heroes with the same ability or terrible (this is just my opinion)… They never nerf Gravemaker because is suppose to coming in the new event… And they change 4* heroes that before or later nobody will use… Thoth, Musachi, Athena, Zeline, Perseus? The player’s looking for the 5*

You have this completely backwards, it doesn’t take much (if any) talent or thinking to setup a GTV/JTV center and let the AI do the rest. And yet people are claiming those on the offense trying to find creative ways around this combo when they don’t have some key red heroes (Mitsuko, Grazul, maybe Falcon to name a few) are the ones without talent?! Are you serious???

I’m just going to come out say it straight: people are upset because once two of their key heroes in this no-brainer defense gets the nerf we see now, they’re forced to actually think hard about creating a good defense again instead of running this trite and cliched center.


In the previous 2 explosive threads, the seemingly easiest balance is to keep everything on telluria, but have her hit target and nearby enemies, and do to caster and nearby ailments.

Not sure how you gonna set up a chart/table on that.

But evidently SG didnt read the threads…

It’s like they saw the title and didn’t bother reading the contents and did whatever they wanted


All this it seems that in this legacy project just testing my new heroes. Then they will move them to another, new (MW​:crazy_face:) In the end, we all (they think) we will move to a new one and bring them new money again first.wonder they created a new (analog) game??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Woah… That could work! I wonder why I hadn’t seen or heard or thought of that before. That could make her less frustrating to fight against. But still as much fun to use, because it’s the front ones I’d want to slow at first anyway. That’s a good idea…

(Added Comment: I think I prefer the -24% mana slow over only hitting 3 targets because then anyone attacking Telluria won’t have to worry about who the RNG decides to target, which can reduce frustration. But if they want more nerfing than just that, then yes, right now I’m thinking I’d rather only hit 3 targets than reduce the minions or healing.)

Great, now they left Telluria useless, as well as those who throw something and modify it at their whim for the worse of all, my first hero of the month in almost two years of play and that they make this modification is a terrible idea
I am not comfortable here with the bad decisions they take, nerfeen then a. heroes such as Ursena, Finley among others, since they both listen to the weepers on duty
Cry and complain about things that really matter, like lousy prizes or very bad bad boards

No worries, but that suggestions was brought up numerous times in an attempt to properly keep Telluria as a top-teir tank without spoiling her utility.

Unfortunately, as predicted, SG does what they want with the Title posts.

Anyway, a friend of mine calculated that for an average speed hero on L23 troop
-34% is 3.8 tiles
-24% is 2.3 tiles
20% Mana cut is 1.7 tile difference for comparison.

Not sure on the math, if someone could confirm it would be great too.

I still prefer if Telluria kept everything but did to 3.
Delilah + Guin + Alasie type tank.

Edit: Soorry for the wrong numbers initally

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Yep Telly really does way too many things at once, unprecedented at least for a tank.

If I had to pick only one thing to take out it would 100% be the mana slow. This would certainly remove a lot of the (over) reliance on board luck and give the attacker some wiggle room to work a bad board even after Telly fires once. As it is right now, once Telly fires you’re either scrambling to charge your cleanser, or trying to work the board to get rid of her asap.

I’d actually be perfectly ok with leaving everything else untouched if they removed the mana slow part completely, as IMHO that’s the part that pushes her over the top and into OP territory.


No offense @rho, but do you even have personal experience dealing with these teams? You’re a relatively new player, though a fast growing one. Do you seriously already have the teams to compete at 2600+ cups?

Or are you just basing your opinions completely on what the complainers whine about on the forums?

GM/telluria/Vela might be the strongest combo right now, IF YOU HAVE ALL THREE HEROES. Which is already a huge ask compared to a single Ursena.

But more importantly, just how big is the difference?

Sure, when you look at leaderboards, Telluria takes up a good majority of the spots. But that’s not because she’s significantly overpowered, it’s because she’s one of the most recent releases and a lot of people have her, coupled with the fact that she’s the most effective.

Take NBA basketball players. Is the player making $40,000,000 a year 10 times better than the player making $4,000,000? No. He’s a little bit better.

But that marginal difference makes him all that more desirable. If he was weakened even a little bit, he doesn’t become a $36,000,000 player, he becomes a Free Agent that never gets another contract.

What is the current winrate with a Telluria tank compared with a Ursena tank?

I bet the difference is less than 10%. Probably something like 75% winrate compared with 80% winrate. If that.

It doesn’t justify the huge nerfs to BOTH telluria and Vela AT ALL.

I rarely try in raids. But in the recent raid tournament, I defeated all the telluria tanks (including GTV teams), except 1; and 1 telluria at flank, with Aegir at tank. I have 4100 TP and all of the opponents were 4400-4500 TP.

My alliance mate, with his TV set-up in defense went 2-7. Yes, that’s 2 wins and 7 losses.

In my personal experience, whether it’s using telluria myself or fighting against her, she’s a good hero. But is she really that much stronger than other heroes? It’s not noticeable unless you’re fighting at the very top with 2800+ cups. AND only in alliance wars, where you can’t reuse the same heroes again and again.

But this nerf kills Telluria completely in offense and… every other conceivable part of the game. She’s literally useless now. I’d rather give my tonics to atomos. At least he can do some damage.

And if even Vela needs a nerf, and Clarissa got a nerf, why doesn’t Gravemaker get a nerf? It makes no sense at all.


I have to agree with this. There is a system problem. Heroes need to spend enough time in beta to figure things out. The worst you can do is hurt the customer base by putting out a product that you have said is good and acceptable, then say to the customer base…”invest Gems, your gonna love this hero.” They then spend a lot of time and energy only to find out that the company was wrong, we are going to have to take back the product and give you a substitute. “Thank you for your investment though!” Unfortunately this is the issue. Customers would prefer you get it right in beta and then release the product. Then they know what they get will be acceptable long term. Then there is no need for nerfing or balancing of hero’s stats or skills. If the problem is time and not enough testing, get more testers. Please get the product right before you put it out. Maybe another solution is that you Don’t put out a new hero every month. Whatever you decide you have to get this right and make some better internal changes for the sake of the company, the game and the various types of investors. Let me just say, I love this game spend 30-40 hrs on it a week and do not want to see it ruined.

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No nerf is fair after release.
How would SG return the money and time to players who tried so hard to get and max Telluria and Vela?

If SG really nerf Telluria & Tera as this article mentioned, it’s like “We messed up, and too many people are not spending money anymore, so we will make you spend more”

Sorry. That would be the beginning of SG’s decline. I personally will no spend any money on this game anymore.

As an FTP who pulled Telluria, I don’t have much to lose in one sense, but on the other I lose a lot.

What do I mean?

I don’t lose much because I fluked pulling her. I spent $0

On the other hand I think it’s made me realise that these heroes are just a chasing after the wind. And SG can do whatever they want.

I thought I had lucked out with a nice pull but it looks like, if these changes stay put, I’ve just wasted my time grinding away

Quite disappointing. Too much of a nerf

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