🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Personally I liked Tell as a healer in all facets of the game, not happy about the healing reduction. The rest I think is a fair balance but until beta testers can give feed back its hard to tell as whats on paper doesn’t always relate to how a hero performs.

On the flip side I do hope reset tokens and resource packages are added to compensation incase those not happy with the outcome can redo another hero


Would be awesome if we could just see a digest of those comments - how the beta community is reacting to the changes - without all the venom!

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Jc SG… you’re nerfing Telluria yet if you’d left JF original you’d not have this problem. A ■■■■■■■ stupid cure in search of the disease.

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I don’t have telluria and vela and i’m not biased here, instead i’m 100% FTP and doesn’t have fancy heroes. Most of my roster are regular tc20 heroes (except when i was lucky getting some hotm or event heroes from free token).

Here’s my opinion for win2 solution for everybody:

  1. Tell and vela combo definitely very strong. But also it makes this game more challenging and interesting. As this game name, empires and PUZZLES! So as the player, we should find a way how to solve the puzzles to face telly and vela.
    If they get nerfed and make both of them easier to beat, this game will lose its interesting challenging factor.

  2. So keep telly and vela as they are (the owners of them will be happy) a happy owner will keep spending money for SG and SG will also be happy.

  3. Now the solutions for Non owner of telly and vela , ftp, ctp, and all who stressed facing telly and vela. The solutions is from TC20!
    Make new hero that can counter telly and vela that can be obtainable for FREE from TC20. Sample of the counter hero such as very fast red that has the ability to reflect negative mana gen (whether direct or indirect) and give some damage (so if telly cast -34 mana gen, it will be reflected back to their whole team, so it can also slow down vela from firing) notice that this hero also can reflect guin direct mana down. How powerful it can be.

By make this new hero can be obtained for free from tc20, SG will made up their mistake for releasing too strong telly and also prevent SG for being bullied as money grabber because now they give the counter literally for free (from tc20).

Finally non telly vella owner, ftp, ctp and stressed player will also become happy because they now can counter telly vela (and guin) and got awesome Very Fast hero that equally available for everybody!

So in conclusion, this will become win-win-win solution (between telly vela owners, non owners and our beloved SG)

I might tagging moderator and some staff as i think my idea is very very cool and awesome hahaha. Tagging: @Petri @Sara @zephyr1 @Guvnor @mhalttu

If my idea is accepted, i demand become the first one getting this new hero lol.


So when skadi comes out and she starts dropping people’s mana by up to 60% we gonna nerf her as well?she hits a lot harder as well…


What you have there for Telluria is the exact thing I thought they should do 1st. A little rebalancing stats and a 10% mana reduction along with a little something else.

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I made a chart earlier with minion HP at 16% instead of 18%. Would that be the little something else you’re looking for? Or does the Vela change do it, you think?

I think they’re going too far in nerfing Telluria. Yes, I own her, so I’m a little biased, but I could have taken one of those, maybe two. But all three seems too much. I’d leave the healing alone, or possibly even increase it a little to compensate for the losses in the other two. When you’re fielding 5-star heroes, 243 health back really isn’t very much. Heck, 411 isn’t all that much. One of the reasons I was so happy to get her was that she does decent damage and decent healing. Not great, but pretty good on both. If you significantly hurt either of those she really loses all appeal.

It’s the last thing I can’t figure out but it had to do with the health or damage she does. I’d rather get rid of the damage and keep the health regen as she is right now but want this done 1 step at a time. I think the proposed nerf is a little too much

Rebalance the stats and go to 24%. If that doesn’t work, removes the damage she does


Sounds reasonable. I really like my Telluria, but I don’t use her skill for the damage anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This game is making me to delete the game for good… I spend mine time mine money to get the best heroes and then the change everything about.
This is getting ridiculous.

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Just give us the option to reset heroes and this won’t be as big of a deal for most people


As long as they don’t slow her down, I’m actually kinda fine because her specials were similar to Boss Wolfe who is very slow

If it helps you any, they have nerfed Boldtusk, Guin, and Athena after release too, and they’re still among the very best.

There’s also this little interaction with Zephyr that should mean something:

It’s just a first version as they’re trying to figure out what the problem is. Once they’ve gone a few steps, they should be able to narrow it down and only nerf the center of the issue. For all we know, just tweaking Telly & Vela slightly so they don’t work together as well might be all that’s needed. But whatever the case, they’ve got a pretty good track record for making final decisions if you ask me

All that being said, I’m trying not to put words in his mouth or anything, but just know this isn’t the final decision


All the heroes have their own characteristics, have their own function, etc…like sniper, healer, tank, Dot, buff, etc…But this Telluria have it almost all combine!!

If Telluria is a healer, be a healer;
If Telluria is a attacker, be a attacker;
If Telluria is a tank, be a tank;
If Telluria is a support, be a suppport;
Why Telluria is a super multi machine have it all?

Why Telluria need nerf?
Imagine buff the Ariel healer with minions;
Imagine buff the Santa with regenerate Hp;
Imagine buff the Guin with Dot and minions;
Imagine buff the Black knight with minions and regenerate Hp;

That’s the reason why Telluria need nerf or balance to Others Five star heroes stage. If not, she is not a hero that belongs to game of E&P.

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Wait for the feedback and result of the beta testing before doing anything. I believe that beta testers would not allow telluria and vela to be destroyed. I believe that the HOT of telluria will be brought back up and extra damage of vela will be restored albeit reduced.

But if SG will ignore the calls for restoration by beta testers as well as the members of this community, do what you feel is right for you.

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Wouldn’t it be more fun to make a couple equally good synergies for tanks in every color instead?

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I remembered when they nerf Guin… i was really upset but i was a young player… Now after so many years i don’t have that much to do and sometimes is boring but when came Telluria i was happy… A new “enemy” to defeat… Now is coming this balancing that is a nerf… terrible… if they wonna change something delete the damage and the - 34 mana but leave her Hp regenerate… sorry for my english

I’d argue it’s because it’s easier to read and digest. This is a mobile game which engages a lot of casual players.

“The hero has 762 attack power and does 150% damage but hero didn’t lose 1110 HP? Now if hero does 40% extra damage against purple is it 200% damage or is it 210% damage?” … Just saying “extra” damage is cleaner. It’s great you guys figured out data behind it by reverse engineering it but I don’t think a large chunk of players understands the depth of game or cares.

Side Note: One of my alliance mates likes her Vela because she’s so pretty :rofl: Bless her heart. I don’t think she even cares about nerf

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That’s absolutely the reason — but it’s still annoying to have to reverse engineer that each time.

I’d like there to be an :information_source: icon, where people who care could get all that additional info from a Hero card, and everyone else could ignore it.


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