🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

At this rhythm there is no point anyway to chase any hero since S4 heroes will be obviously outperformed by S5 heroes and costumes for S2/S3 and events heroes a few month later :roll_eyes:


I was thinking the same thing. I am again, very disappointed with SG. They just now finished season 3. Most players have barely started trying to complete hard mode. Add in the fact they havent been tested enough in beta, and I see this being a big problem. Heroes we just got will become obsolete already, and we will see nerfs again. When will SG learn…


If you have emblemed barbarian heroes on your attack team, they can easily apply bleeds from tile attacks.

Not sure if I’m mistaken but to get the 600% damage Captain Nemo needs the status ailment

So if I’m attacking, they only way to get a status ailment without enemies using a skill is from talents like barbarians or sorcerers but I find those likely to active when the hero is defending (though I’ve never really noticed)

I think it’s fair to say that Poppy, Morris, and ol’ Gramps over at SG certainly Blewit with these S4 heroes. Yes some of the 5* got nerfed, but the power creep is still beyond ridiculous. I mean why even bother with non-fast non-costumed S1 heroes at all now?


You can use him with Killhare, that way you don’t need to count on the enemy team dealing status ailments. She’s quite rare, hope you get her next month! :slightly_smiling_face:

Average vs fast, makes a difference in 4* tourneys I guess.

Oh also I’ll be kinda super disappointed if they don’t release a 3☆ or 4☆ with Dark Elemental Defence down skill. Nordri and Almur were super cool adds to s3.


i like to collect dr and prof title hero, but sadly the prof like vivica reborn slow mana…make it at least avg SG so surely money grab!!!

@Guvnor Pretty sure Griffin was yellow, not red, unless his color changed somewhere along the way.

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Nearly 2 years of playing the game and I finally have a decent roster of S1 5* heroes and now after reading this thread they all look like 4* heroes compared to those S4 5* :slightly_smiling_face:
This is too much :slightly_smiling_face:


In general I like that they bring some new special skills to the mix!
However the combination of high base stats AND good special skiils AND fast speed seems overwhelming.
I hope they are further nerfed before release so we maintain some kind of balance in the game.
No problem that there is small power creep but this combination is a leep as others have said.
We invest plenty of time, and often money too, to the existing heroes so they should still be relevant to the overall game, otherwise why invest in S4 if you know they become far less relevant the moment S5 is released? :man_shrugging:
When I started the game, maybe December 2019, the forums were an encouragement to play as they were mostly positive and sharing information. Now the elders in the game are understandably annoyed by the potential changes so it is off-putting. Note to SG: keep your forum members happy, listen to them! :ear:


This is in fact the key issue. Even if the special skill is tone down, high defense and hp stats badly hurt previous heroes since their skill will now be less impactful…

Creative and new SS are on their own appealing. Powercreep just makes other heroes useless…

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All I want to say is that most heroes here have special skills that don’t give that much hype as S3 did. Dr. Moreau if I remember is a dark 5* with blind, which was an atribute for holy heroes, it is pointless to say they are out of new ideas, average new Peters, slow holy Heimdall figure, another Jabber.

It’s very unlikely they will all be released in the first month, isn’t it? In the last two seasons new heroes came out piecemeal. So there is time to work on ones that are scheduled to appear later, I’d have thought.

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I think the original release of S3 had a bunch of 3, 4, and 5* heroes initially (like Heimdall, Fenrir, I think Alfrike were all in there when it first opened, plus more) then one new 5* was added each month and halfway through more 3 and 4*s were added.

I think most 5* will be added from Beta, maybe one or two will be held back for the coming months

I started playing in late 2018 after season 2 heroes were all released. We got season 3 last year, there was plenty of time to try to pull for good HotM on terrible portals in between. Right after season 3 finishes releasing heroes season 4 starts? This along with ninjas, taverns, and villains it’s becoming a little much. I get the idea of bringing in new players but the building/accession mechanics aren’t favorable for them. Running a C2P/F2P alliance I see more players quit out of frustration than decide to spend. It’s only gonna get worse.


I barely post in the forums anymore but have been playing since early 2018 and seeing this new batch of heroes really makes me sad.

It must be difficult to come up with new heroes worth pulling, but these are really 6* in disguise. It’s actually insane the power on some of these and innate abilities like starting a battle with 20% mana.

If SGGs solution for older Heroes will go everytime through costumes I’ll probably stop spending and summoning all together and play as long as my alliance will have me and quit if I cannot keep up with them. I still like the game and it doesn’t bother me that new heroes are better. But we won’t really be able to compete unless we have these specific heroes because of how big the power creep is.

If these heroes are released as is, Season 1 heroes need be buffed outright, no costumes, no nothing.

Also, if Season 1 heroes are not buffed and keep being added as fillers to every single portal… I probably won’t summon anything anymore. At least get some variety in there - Season 2 heroes instead of Season 1 for Seasonal Events for instance.

It just seems the game is heading in a direction where newer is not only better but absolutely necessary and I don’t think I will stick around if that is the case.


@Guvnor idk if anyone’s mentioned this already (so I apologize if it has), but wanted to mention that I found an error in the OP:

Under Griffin’s info, he’s listed as fire :fire:, when he should be listed as holy :sun_with_face:


Beta Update

V36.3 of beta has opened with 3 additional new heroes to be tested:

  • Garjammal (5* Green)
  • Russula (5* Blue)
  • Vollermork (3* Red)

OP has been updated to reflect these additions as well as any other changes made (mainly around changing from “Abyss” to “Underwild”

Have also updated the % chance for an Underwild Gem to spawn which, as @PlayForFun pointed out, depends on the mana speed of the hero.


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