🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

So what are everyone’s thoughts on these new heroes and ability to tank? Any standout as legitimate options for that role?

Concerning Elizabeth, she’s average, hit all ennemies, give to each of them a spider who slows mana and cuts healings. These spiders cannot be removed unless you give them a heal or summon other minions. That’s why she can be a good tank.

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People were mentioning in the Uraeus thread that Elizabeth would be a good tank with her stats. Her stats on average are better then other heroes with the power creep but her defense still isn’t as high as I’d like it to be for a tank (I think tanks defense unemblemed should be at least over 800 like Krampus and Telluria)

She has a good skill for a tank (really cripples the enemy), I find her similar to a tank like Ursena where she didn’t have strong defense stats but her skill was the real fear. Elizabeth flanked with Uraeus and a blue hero might be a good team but we’ll see what happens.

I really hope I get Elizabeth this round!

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Elizabeth or Prof Lindenbrock seem the best tanks, although neither are spectacular at it. Elizabeth is a bit low on defense, and Prof is slow (made up in part by her starting with 20% mana).

The 4s are… unimpressive.

For 3s, the two that stand out are Gramps (resurrection and mana boost) and Vollermark (fiends).

Unfortunately Gramps is green. Because you know what we REALLY needed? Another 3 star green healer…


Was really hoping for a 4* purple elemental def. down hero, similar to Almur. Maybe further down the pike.


At least we will have a 3 star blue healer and cleanser (Helo) now.
(I know Frosty is a blue healer too, but unfortunatelly I could not get him)

Griffin looks pretty decent, first hit does 370% damage @ 739 attack which is just insane for a 4*. Even better since he’s yellow because 4* yellow just really lacks any true sniper apart from maybe Jackal. (no Chao is not a sniper because he hits like a… 6 year old ahem)

Zila Lei is a blue Jabberwock who gives defense down instead of poison. Could be nice to pair together with Grimm to give the entire team a defense debuff.

As for revivers, notice how ALL of them are green? Alby, MoNo, Heimdall, all green, all slow. So it fits the theme. :laughing:

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I’ve noticed all colours seem to have certain themes, green has revivers, blue does ice and water damage, red does fire damage, purple does poison, and yellow does blind. But there have been some cracks in that theory with Dr Moreau being the first dark blind and there was a costume blue 3* that did fire damage.

The next round of S4 might bring some new heroes with skills from other colours

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And costumed Scarlett does poison dot.

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According to the card, the healing to 50% has no cap. It is unlimited healing until 50%. So if everything goes accordingly to plan, even with 3 layers of spiders, the spiders will absorb the healing first and disappear and it’ll still heal to 50% anyways

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I get what you mean but I think it was intended like if the hero has 20% health left, Raffaele gives the equivalent of 30% health to get to 50% health.

I guess the only way to test your theory is with the Sand Empire heroes who reduce healing (or wait for Elizabeth to be released in a couple days). If the sand heroes hit Raffaele and then he goes off, from what your saying Raffaele’s skill should keep healing until he gets to 50% health then HoT starts. That would definitely make him much more valuable but I don’t think it works that way. I’ve never tried it though so maybe I’m wrong (if I was I think we’d see him much more in play)

Raffaele does ignore the “deep wound” ailment (the healing inhibition).

Entire thread on the topic: [No Bug -- Working as Intended] Raffaele's Conditional 50% Healing ability not affected by Deep Wounds (E.g. Sand Empire, Perseus - Arman’s -50%) nor Vampirism (e.g. Victor, Valeria) -- [Staff Quote in Post 12]

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I remember in the raff thread someone mentioning that the initial heal does bypass negative healing. By the logic of that card, it should bypass spider’s effect as well. It will always heal to 50% no matter what

Right, but it’s not getting rid of the spiders in the process. But the regeneration will.

That’s good to know, I never knew that. Thanks for the update Guvnor!

Guess that does mean Raffaele makes a decent counter, also a plus that he’s blue and Elizabeth is red

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I’m excited as a new player to be here for a season of heroes from the beginning. It’s amazing how many different legendary heroes are available this new theme. Totally ready for this! Awesome … thanks


Already covered previously in the conversation. Unfortunately, fiends are not minions rather parasites applied to your team, so Bera and Kvasir only fill the latest minion spot for you as opposed to stopping fiends as their skill is always applied to the enemy…

We haven’t had a call yet on whether you need to avoid running Bera and Elizabeth together. Although my opinion is (and happy to be corrected) that they would be devastating together as Bera stops minions being produced with her moths and Elizabeth can then freely fill the spots with her “not minions”.

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That would make people VERY upset and start jumping on another nerf train for those two. Bera is the new tank of choice currently, and some may swap out a hero and put Elizabeth as flank to Bera. I think we’ll see a new combo soon

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