🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v35]

i also smell that s4 heroes will kill this game …at least just put this kind of heroes in the challenge event…focus on HOTM and challenge event heroes and vacuum on the new s4 heroes…

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Why removing AR when they could add a similar Valhalla event at the same time AR is on?

Btw they are so against putting them into TC that they didn’t even put 3* and 4* Atlantis heroes into the HA :frowning:

Hopefully they keep both Valhalla and Atlantis event rising, since player can choose where and how he will spend loot tickets + its an oportunity for them to earn more .

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AR needs to last a while just to get the sea dragon mission completed. With the current appearance rates it may need to run 2 more years to give people a chance to complete it

They could get rid of AR, put sea dragons in as a standard rare spawn, no reduction in cost or extra loot. Have Atlantis portal available at all times, without the extra ascension item chest. Create a Valhalla Falls event to replace it, with its own way to get Valhalla coins.

They have never added heroes to TC20. Never. They clearly chose to create ToL instead, which was an AWFUL outcome for players. So I don’t expect them to ever change TC20 or normal portals to make them more useful.


Loot tickets per/month are not enough on their own to have all the necessary ressources required to be competitive in all events every month. Auto-farming/farming is necessary and S3 maps are much more harder/longer than S2 maps to complete so you will necessarily have less ressources if the event doesn’t last longer.

It would be better have 2 rising events per month. That would not hurt SG business and every player would be happy.

The issue is wheaten you going to fit in a 5th monthly event? (Season 2-4, ToL/NT, costume, and challenge). Plus Mystic Titan. Plus rare quests, regular quests, POV, …

Not a problem there is still plenty of room for now

Season 4 probably won’t be out for some months. I do expect them to add new Ninja heroes some time in the future, and perhaps make Ninja Tower monthly…

Yes, I also don’t see them adding new heroes to tc20. It would’ve been so easy to add a new level/s to the training camp. Instead they released the Hero Academy quite late…

They remove Atlantis Coins from chest when they add Valhalla Coins into it. Obviously they want to limit our free coins and might do the same on AR or put it on the same time as you said… They might want to clear some schedule for S4 too… sad…


I really hope that SG realises that having S4 heroes that overpowers anything that has been released up to this point by far is not a viable solution. Not sure I would continue playing then…


I see what you did there. Atlantis rises and Valhalla falls


I’ve always assumed it was going to be Valhalla Falls. Potential thread topic: what we will call the season 3 version of AR. Valhalla Falls could just be called Ragnarok. I’m no expert but them seem to be similar in sound.

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I think they will use Descend instead of Fall.

Valhalla Descends

I’m with you. I starting giving my money to the stock market I instead.

Ninja tower is a joke. Talk about wasted time and resources. The boards couldn’t be any worse. Some of the rounds are literally impossible to win. (Come on trolls I’m waiting for you).

I don’t disagree with you.

The game has really become one where you pick and choose which events interest you most. I opted out of Ninja Tower the first time (just did one stage for loot), and suggest you consider doing the same.

One of the reasons I like this game, and suspect I’m by no means alone in this, is that I get fond of certain characters. I talk to them as I’m playing (drives my son crazy!) and am so excited when I get someone nice, not necessarily amazingly powerful but someone I’ll enjoy playing with. They’re not just cards, they’re my people. I’ve worked hard at getting them where they are and learning how to use them. It would be sad if they were to be replaced by a whole bunch of other characters, even if I got those other characters for free. I want to go on playing with the gang but with occasional new members, as it were.

I did dip into Puzzle Combat for a while, and quite like both the similarities and the differences with E&P gameplay, but it never quite hit the spot because I didn’t find the characters at all appealing. I’d so rather have a gorilla in a hat than a guerrilla in a kepi. Human sniper vs robot jackal? No contest! Guns instead of miniature minotaurs… well, I don’t dig guns. Back to E&P, ninjas? Meh. I’ll use one if it comes along, it would be daft not to, but it’ll never appeal more than the Vampire Queen with her groovy little bats.

I do look forward to the S4 characters as they sound interesting, but if they simply steamroller over all the existing ones, that’s most of the fun gone. Like others have said on this very thread, power creep is one thing, power leap is quite another. Please take it steady, SG!


There was me thinking they would just open the Bifrost…

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I think it will relate to Yggdrasil instead of Bifrost.

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