🧪 Early Information on Raid Tournament Aether Loot Changes [Part of The Beta Beat v44]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on Raid Tournament Aether Loot changes.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Raid Tournament Aether Loot changes

Here are new chances for Aether winning loot tiers for raid tournaments (I have also added the current “old” chances too):

Rank Old chance Rare L.B. Material Epic L.B. Material Legendary L.B. Material
Top 1% 4 Draws:
5*: 5%
4*: 30%
3*: 65%
3 Draws
x1: 87%
2 Draws
x1: 60%
1 Draw
x1: 20%
Top 5% 3 Draws:
5*: 5%
4*: 30%
3*: 65%
3 Draws
x1: 65%
2 Draws
x1: 45%
1 Draw
x1: 15%
Top 10% 3 Draws:
5*: 3%
4*: 27%
3*: 70%
3 Draws
x1: 70%
2 Draws
x1: 41%
1 Draw
x1: 9%
Top 25% 2 Draws:
4*: 5%
3*: 95%
3 Draws
x1: 64%
1 Draw
x1: 10%
Top 50% 1 Draw:
3*: 100%
3 Draws
x1: 67%
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Dont know if I have understood this correctly, based on the above, but it would seem you could end up with 0 aethers using this method for top 1% if you have a baaaad RNG spell. This would appear to be completely seperate draws for each material type

3 x draw @87% - you could get nothing,
2 x draw @60% - you could get nothing
1 x draw @ 20% you could get nothing,

Atleast with the current system you have 3 draws with 100% of getting something. Or have I misunderstood the way this table is set out?

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does it mean having better chance for aether3 ?

Yes, you could get no Aether as Reward for top 1%.
You have 13% * 13% * 13% * 40% * 40% * 80% chance for it = 0.0028% chance.

But you also have 4.7% chance to get 7 Aethers instead of the current 4.

It is onlly a slightly better chance.

Now (in the live game) there are 4 pulls with 5% chance so that that chance of they you get exacly one Legendary Aether = 18.55%, which is less than the 20% chance in Beta with 1 draw.
So this is a 1.45% chance improvement.

But you lose the chance for getting two legendary Aethers: 0.25% chance
Or three Legendary Aethers: 0.0125% chance
Or four Legendary Aethers: 0.000625% chance.


@PlayForFun , can you give us a similar info about the War Loot Aether Rolls changes?

Thanks for the clarification on this, I know it is highly unlikely to get nothing thats for sure however changing the rolls to then include an element of nothing at all compared to a guarentee of something I feel is more of a nudge in the wrong direction but that might just be me :slight_smile:

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Unfortunatelly no as that information is not shared with us neither in Live game nor in Beta.

I could only tell you my winning war loot today in Beta:
I have received one Epic and one Rare LB material.


Thanks. By the looks of that it doesn’t seem that the Aethers from war loot have changed much…

Based on my earlier collection these were the chances in the Live game for Won Wars:

So only 3 Aethers can be received.
This might be increased, and maybe the no Aether as reward chance is lowered.
Once this change goes live. I can setup a data collection topic, where the community can help determine what are the odds now.


This seems like a good change that could lead to some frustration. Overall expected value has increased, but randomness also increased.

I love it because after three years of playing this game I’ll take an expected value increase even if it means more randomness. Many will hate it.

I’m preparing a “I didn’t get aethers” master bug thread.


Your math is a bit off. I think you calculated the chances to get 2 legendary aether in 2 pulls (and 3 in 3 pulls) instead of 2 out of 4 pulls.

Currently in live game:
The chance to receive at least 1 legendary aether is 18.55%.
This percentage is composed of
4 aethers with 0.000625% chance
3 aethers with 0,0475% chance
2 aethers with 1,35% chance
1 aether with 17,15% chance
That is on average 0.2 aethers.

On average this change here does not change the outcome. That’s fair.

I’m not sure whether it’s needed to increase the variation by variating the number of aethers received, though.


Oh, I see. You are correct.

On the average, but this means that some players get more and some less. So we have more RNG, and I don’t like that.


Surely the chance is simply 5%, each pull is mutually exclusive. The outcome of pull 1 doesnt influence the outcome of the 2/3/4th for a legendary aether.

Nethertheless, the fact there is now a statistical chance of zilch is frustrating lol. They have effectively added the “green” to the roulette wheel that is the RNG

I don’t really like this change.

May it be that the overall number of Aethers you receive is not changed over the long run, but I think everything that adds more rng is not a good change.

At the moment you can get lucky and get more than 1 5* Aether. If that happens you are super happy.
If you are super unlucky you get at least a guaranteed bunch of 3* Aethers so you get something.

Now with the change, you can’t get those ultra good results, you get 1 or no 5* Aether.
So the super happy moments get canceled although you receive over the long run the same number of 5* Aethers.
On the same time you can get ultra unlucky and get absolutely nothing. I don’t care, if the chances are the same over a long time, if I’m 1% and don’t get a single Aether I will be frustrated once more with the game.

I think that’s not really positive.
The the moments of extreme joy get reduced and the moments of high frustration gets implemented.


I don’t see why SGG CANNOT GUARANTEE AETHER LOOT. And just stay with the same 4 rolls for top 1*.

One aether III guaranteed

The other 3 rolls = anything from aether I to III. But shouldn’t be allowed to be zero

Players, who played hard to do well, deserve to be rewarded well. Guaranteed. And not face more RNG.

This game is already a casino, and they want to add more RNG ?!


Arguably, there’s not a lot of difference between getting three baby aethers and getting no aethers at all, but the latter will probably feel a lot more insulting than the former.

Let’s see: in the top 10%, that’s a little less than 1% chance per player of no aethers, but that means if roughly a million players take part in a tourney, every tourney there will be ~850 players who finish in the top 10% and receive no aethers at all.

slow, sarcastic clapping

@Ruskin505 is right about this setting off some fireworks. Does SG want to cheese folks off? (Much less folks who actually put some effort and resources into trying to win?)

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Didn’t take long to happen…

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Yeah, even with low chance among about 1 million players several will end up like this…

I think that the % chances of getting 3* aethers should be higher for 1-10%, probably even with one 3* aether guaranteed in the loot.

Overally I am happy with the change, despite the fact that I could end up with no aethers as well. However now the rewards for top 50% are IMO worth it, with three aether possibilities opposed to just one, which will make it worthwhile to fight for even a top 50% finish.

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