🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

I don’t have Jabberwock to test this on, but since the formation still uses the same 1-5 input as the normal ‘V’ shape, I assume it still goes by position.

So for a front 3 - back 2, you set up your raid defense with the front three being the wings and tank, then your flanks are the back 2. So I would assume Jabber would hit the 2 far-edge front heroes since they are still technically the closest to the edges.

For a front 2 back 3, Jabber would likely hit the back 2 edges, since they would be positions 1 and 5 in your lineup.

Just my guess.

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Finally, i’ve been waiting for this for so long to get rid of boredom in raid formation. Thx SG


How about some guy that hit 3 like GF? In DOUBLE and DOUBLE REVERSE GF will hit all or not ?

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that’s in the post too: just the ones adjacent in the same row


Roostley is VERY UPSET over these nearby changes for the 3x2 setups.

Leave nearby alone! BAWK BAWK!


I will actually have to test Roostly in this new setups. Will revert when I know more.


I’m most excited about the reverse V. I would think using only fast snipers/Dot hero’s would be the best. You can spread out the damage pretty well and stack appears to be less effective. Others look easy to defeat since its basically 5 v 2 or 3, then clean up the back row.


(Happy cake day @Magnum16 :smiley:)

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It will be interesting indeed to see how the chain would work here in the double and reverse double setup.

Logically, the adjacent heroes in the same row are linked together but how are the two rows linked though?


Since it’s the same concept, is 1 linked to 2 and 4 to 5 in this setup for example?

If they are, (which I’m sure they are) that creates a closed circuit and a single dead hero will not affect the link between the rest, unlike our current conventional setup. So no matter which hero you get rid of, Roostley will hit every one else.

If the two rows are not linked, than Roostley loses at least 40% of his damage output right away, which would be a huge nerf.

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If I use the double formation with a Guin/Tell tank, will that mean that Guin will only heal Tell?

Just curious…

As this is very game changing, is there a chance that SG might ditch this plan?


Maybe. Nothing in Beta is guaranteed to see the live version.


There’s your answer about Roostley then.

Apparently in double formations, wings and flanks are not considered adjacent or nearby. I don’t see why they should be considered linked for Roostley’s special then.

Tested just now. Roostley indeed follows the same “nearby” mechanics as listed in the OP.


Is Reverse formation the hardest to deal with?

That formation was used for archer in ancient times, could it be suitable for a lot of snipers?

the biggest question for me is whether this will bring an end to the tell+vel+gm lineups that everybody uses or whether it just further encourages it.

I think this is a huge update though given that there is no summon portal attached to it.


Can’t wait to hear something new about raid formation


Same… hopefully it’s something like:

You won’t be matched against a +20 Telluria 50 times in a row when you use reroll… that is incredibly annoying.

Oh I just saw that it’s to do with Hero Academy? Then screw that, I don’t even have SH 24


Raid formations from what I’ve seen in beta:

x         x           x      x      x
   x    x      or
      x                    x     x 

And the inverse, where it is an inverted V and a 2 back, 3 front.

So far, it seems like in the 3-2 and 2-3, the ‘nearby’ heroes are only in the same row. I haven’t had much time to test myself and the raids I found only had the classic formation :(. Currently, there’s no way to know the formation the defense is using until you enter the raid.


God, I am glad they really started doing something about the PVP. I hope that’s going to spread to tournaments and wars etc… Maybe there’s still hope for this game.


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