🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

Tested just now. Roostley indeed follows the same “nearby” mechanics as listed in the OP.


Is Reverse formation the hardest to deal with?

That formation was used for archer in ancient times, could it be suitable for a lot of snipers?

the biggest question for me is whether this will bring an end to the tell+vel+gm lineups that everybody uses or whether it just further encourages it.

I think this is a huge update though given that there is no summon portal attached to it.


Can’t wait to hear something new about raid formation


Same… hopefully it’s something like:

You won’t be matched against a +20 Telluria 50 times in a row when you use reroll… that is incredibly annoying.

Oh I just saw that it’s to do with Hero Academy? Then screw that, I don’t even have SH 24


Raid formations from what I’ve seen in beta:

x         x           x      x      x
   x    x      or
      x                    x     x 

And the inverse, where it is an inverted V and a 2 back, 3 front.

So far, it seems like in the 3-2 and 2-3, the ‘nearby’ heroes are only in the same row. I haven’t had much time to test myself and the raids I found only had the classic formation :(. Currently, there’s no way to know the formation the defense is using until you enter the raid.


God, I am glad they really started doing something about the PVP. I hope that’s going to spread to tournaments and wars etc… Maybe there’s still hope for this game.


Ok great so this will be really fantastic and spice things up a lot.

Maybe you only didn’t notice. They are ninjas after all.

This is going to change the meta drastically…


Are you able to ghost tiles in the new Raid formation if you defeat one of the leading heroes?

Not really a fan of this on initial impression. It sounds interesting but maybe I’m just resistant to drastic change. The concept of the “Tank” in a defense team will greatly change (or become non-existent).

More like two-tank time - double Telly out front!!

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I’m quite excited of the prospect of changes to current PvP.

However, I wish HA wouldn’t be a requirement so that the entire player base gets to play with this. That would make raids at every level more interesting for everyone and allow players to get used to it before hitting diamond arena.

Furthermore, depending on how it will affect the current meta (and no doubt it will), it remains to be seen how it impacts differences among players within diamond, and I’m particularly thinking F2P, C2P and P2P. The current meta is frustrating as is if you lack certain heroes, and this change has the potential to entrench and deepen existing “inequalities” (in lack of a better word).

I’m carefully excited though, new content for v31 looks better to me than it did for v30.


I like these upcoming changes. They add a nice layer of complexity to the setting up of a defense.

double tel up front with vel being delayed in the back would be a huge gift to everybody.

I expect a lot of yurple activity up front costumed Vivica, ursena, drake with whatever behind, maybe gm and Finley. Using the 3 x 2. Drake, Kunchen, Drake up front could also be beastly. Good luck with that.

In my opinion, that would be competitive enough with vel +tel to break up the monotony.


Dear Guvnor, explain this for me, please. I didn’t understand the translation. :nerd_face: :pray:

Just posting to say I absolutely love this change. A new layer of strategy without creating a new OP tank and counter hero is (for me personally) what the game really needs. Hopefully this makes its way into Tournaments and Wars as well.

I actually had this idea when I first started playing and thought it would never be made, so glad I was wrong.


It means, roostley will only target all enemies on the same row if the enemy has an M- or W-formation, so he will only hit 2 or 3 heroes and not all five, like he does against the current normal formation.


Thank you, my dear friend! I understand now :hugs: :kissing_heart:


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