🧪 Early Information on Path of Giants [Part of The Beta Beat v58]

Challenges should be challenging… and PoV’s challenges are not. They’re tasks. Some are stupid hard, and interfere with raids, and daily activities. But you really don’t risk “losing” at any time by skipping a few dailies.

Charging a premium for PoG and making challenging challenges will annoy people who pay for it. Annoying people who pay you isn’t good business.


I agree that challenges should be challenging, but I think if you’re needing to use a flask of any kind each day to be able to do them, it’s beyond annoying and not something worth doing.
I love to complete things, I always have, ever since I got my first gaming console as a kid, to when I had a PS4, I would retry and retry to get stuff done as it was awesome to accomplish it, but a lot of these seem like too much to do while other things are happening in the game. Imagine if this is running along POV, you get some challenges that clash with the POG ones, you have to burn flasks just to finish, and not being able to finish after you have paid, is not worth it.


In today’s challenges just this new challenge popped in:

  • Win Raids: Legendary Hero: Win Raids with at least 1 Legendary Heroes in your team.
    But this just a variation of a similar challenge about Rare Heroes.
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Does seemlike alot to do…

If its too much to do and too expensive…

That sounds imbalanced and wont sell well. Cant be both super time consuming and expensive. But, what do I know, lol.


Let’s say someone buys it day 1, puts in a good faith effort and only clears 2/3s of the rewards… I all but guarantee you they aren’t buying it again.


I never buy the PoV pass at the start already, I always wait for the last few days so I know what I’m paying for. Basic logic to save your bucks.


Agreed… Though there are times i really want to get depressed about my challenge event pulls…

PoV is really easy to “complete” if you’ve got the basic functionality of the game down and are relatively active. The only dailys to skip are the ones that require deviant play, and you can skip so many and still get to the highest rewards.

PoG we’ll have to wait and see. I know I wont be buying into the first one at all. Have to see if it’s reasonable to assume I’ll be able to finish it.

Me too. Used to buy from D1. Then it became only after I cleared Tier 28. Slowed down further to T29. And then Tier 30.

Now it’s Nada.


Can anybody share what happens when you exceed the last milestone? Do you keep getting more Giant Chests in a similar manner to POV?

And what is the price of this one

I am expecting the same behaviour as Valor Chests hopefully with better rewards.

This was impossible to test in Beta.


I might buy this for $18. Don’t expect it to be much (or a lot) expensive compared to pov pass

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I watched that video earlier. I feel really bad for those who just by wholeheartedly.

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Would this not be a good event to reward a compass, gloves, Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics since none of these are ever included in the Path of Valor?


Not sure compass and gloves is what most people need. Sooner or later you will have tons of those

beginners need those !!!

It’s called Path of Giants, not beginners. Also, I really doubt beginners will be able to complete most of the quests

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