🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Again, with the classic heroes in every portal. So glad, I’m retired!!!

just don’t buy them. its not that hard

They need to make all these fillers costume pulls. They’re too greedy. I think they could live without 1 more portal. They have plenty.

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With Literally every summons portal containing S1 Hero, they could eliminate the Elemental summons and Epic hero portal and no one would really notice.


Now there’s a thought! Ditching Epic Hero might be hard from a systematic point of view, in that it radically changes the utility of EHTs. But the Elemental Portal can sure go!

Or maybe (if there’s a wide enough variety of Heroes/Troops) insert the Ninja portal here permanently? Just trying to stay on topic.


Thanks for the info

Gracias por la información

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