🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Garnet looks fair now.

I really like the change to Ametrine! She’s just a much better Sapphire now. Think Sapphire could get a similar change? Could we also get Cobalt to dispel before attacking? I don’t think that would make him better than Kageburado. He still couldn’t match Kage’s vicious instant damage output.

I still really don’t like Shale. At very fast, he’s still only helping himself and not the battle. He just sits in the corner & watches his buddies die.

At average speed, I still have my doubts. On offense, I want a full-squad healer. On defense, I don’t trust him because he’s more likely to only heal himself or go for the Very Slow option. Also, see Costume Rigard. Not only does he heal and cleanse the entire squad for 10 mana, but he also heals each ally more and gives a major attack boost. Shale heals less than Rigard at charge 2 (for just three people), and he lacks the massive attack boost. I think even the current version of Shale even after this buff would be, frankly, the worst 4* healer ever made. Even Kashrek has the super high defense & defense against his nemesis element going for him. Shale would be like the Guardian Owl of the 4* world and some, if not most, 3* heroes would be more useful. I doubt I have ever spoken so harshly about a 4* hero.

And the Very Slow option… I don’t think I even need to complain. Y’all already know. :joy:

Maybe if Shale got a taunt effect and another buff to his healing, he could be good

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So… they’re all unreliable defenders now?

¯_(ツ)_/¯ If they go for charge 3, then yes. Charges 1 & 2 I don’t mind so much.

Here’s an idea… How about when putting ninjas on defense, we can tell the ninjas which charges we want them to use in battle? The opponent wouldn’t know which to expect at first, and we could make sure our ninjas do the job properly.

Great,… Ametrine very good now :+1:


Beta Update - 25 Sept

Small adjustment to Cobalt.

Also changes to the Family Bonus.


Amazing job your doing here like @zephyr1 did. I would gone mad to run this kind of threads all the time.

Got question, what are best 5* from Ninjas Beta feedback currently? Sorry I was lazy to read do we pull them through summon portal? And how do we get does ninja troops? Also ninja troops will only used for ninja tower event?

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I don’t really have an opinion on the Ninja heroes, haven’t been following the beta feedback on them either (heroes aren’t really a passion of mine to beta test… I prefer the events and that).

Yes they have their own portal, linked in OP.

Troops are in the troop portal. Per the main Beta Beat thread.

Troops are troops. Used as troops wherever you currently use troops.


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Garnet seems like the most loved one, since she’s basically a better Grazul but who boosts HP instead (which is arguably better than a regular heal). You can also hold her longer if you need to for more benefit than Grazul, so it’s a big + for Garnet.

Cobalt and Onyx are both fairly strong offensively, but the random nature of how the AI sometimes holds specials makes them a risk as wing defenders imo. Offensively they’re stellar though.

Jade can be a pain defensively, beyond that she’s just a support hero. I liked her in a 3-2 green-yellow stack with Neith or red-yellow with Mitsuko, and I put her flanking Guinevere on my beta defense. Other flank is Mitsuko for a triple mana reduction center (it is weak to Seshat though).

Mica… well he’s a lot like Aegir but Yellow. Not many are really talking about him, I think he’s a good offensive hero personally, mostly for the mana buff + damage share combo to help his team live longer. Defensively I think he might work as a yellow tank too – not a top tier one, but maybe high tier tank – albeit with the same exploitable weakness as Aegir (+ an added risk the AI might be dumb and try to hold his skill until charge x3 which might end up meaning he dies too early). The mana buff is nice though which is really the best part about his skill, he can help counter Telluria’s mana drop early.


I know Ninja Tower is Q4, but any additional clarity on release date?

SG have written that in the 2020 Fall Sneak Peek topic the planned release is in this November.

It means like Very Fast Hero with 11 Mana level? With 6 tiles?

Uh no…? They charge faster than very fast for the 1x charge.

5 tiles = 5
Very fast = 6 tiles = 6

5 ≠ 6
5 < 6
6 - 1 = 5


Then needs 15 tiles to make them full to 3rd charge

But from my point of view. All of them are quite strong for even 1st charge.

And is it any difference when you put Mana Troops on them?
(Probably not for the 1st charge cause maybe still need 5 tiles)
But for the total 3 charges?

All in the OP :slight_smile:

Comparing it to existing Mana Speeds:

Speed Tiles Ghosted % Mana to Break Mana Troop to Break by 1 tile
Very Fast 6.5 4 9% Lvl 11 - Reduces to 6 Tiles or 3 ghosted
Fast 8 4 15% Lvl 29 - Reduces to 7 Tiles or 3.5 ghosted
Average 10 5 12% Lvl 23 - Reduces to 9 tiles or 4.5 ghosted
Slow 12 6 10% Lvl 17 - Reduces to 11 tiles or 5.5 ghosted
Very Slow 13.5 7 4% & 13% Lvl 1 (becomes 13 tiles) & Lvl 23 (beceomes 12 tiles)
Charge 1x 5 2.5 N/A N/A
Charge 2x 10 5 - Lvl 9 Mana becomes 9 tiles
Charge 3x 15 7.5 - Lvl 5 Mana becomes 14 tiles. Lvl 29 Mana becomes 13 tiles
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I can’t really estimate how strong they will be in practice… but my initial thought was: With the speed SG is pushing the power creep, can we expect 5* heroes with 820 power next year!?

I’m usually not a person who claims heroes to be OP too quickly. It took me a while until I agreed that Telly should be nerfed… but all of those heroes seem to be so strong…

My first yellow hero when I started playing was Leo. He hasn’t been ascended till that day and he probably never will… That’s fine, I just kept getting better heroes until I gathered enough mats for an ascension. But now I am afraid, that could even happen to my recently pulled S3 heroes, too. lol…


onyx is better than ametrine, but ametrine does dispell first. I hope onyx can apply to dispell first too.

The other, cobalt and sapphire have the same ability? I think maybe cobalt need new ability.

Beta Update – 9 Oct, 2020

Just a small one. Balance change to Cobalt (charge 1&2) and to Onyx (charge 1&2).


If the current changes become permanent, Cobalt becomes the cream of the crop IMO. A fast attack-3 hero with naturally high attack stats, 325% damage to each and 85% chance to bypass defensive buffs is pretty awesome.

Could there be a suggestion to developers to, perhaps, have a mechanic on the card that would allow you to program whether you wanted it to fire after 1, 2, or 3 for defense?

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