🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Sometimes. A lot of 4-1. I lean on my Rigard(s) but sometimes you need the color over the ability alone.

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Most likely you will not be able to answer this, but I am asking it anyway.

Do you have any idea about how these Ninja heroes will behave on a Rush tournament ?

Will there be any change in their mana charge speed or they will not be affected ?

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Sorry for asking it again :slight_smile:
I will use the search next time…

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All good :slight_smile: quicker for me to just quote than retype :stuck_out_tongue: am lazy

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Having used them a bit in beta, any you “love” or are underwhelmed by?

Caveat that this is early days and early iterations so no certainty about what form they will be released in.

@Guvnor I know these are just the current beta features, but Is there any idea what month the ninja tower and these heroes will come out?

As I recall from an earlier post, not til next year sometime.

The original announcement said that this and the titan event will start in the last quarter this year.

Nope. As others said it wasn’t slated until final quater of 2020… but given some of SG’s previous “coming soon”, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed/ in 2021… (Yes HA I’m looking at you… 500+ days since “coming soon”)


/off topic a bit:
Don’t remember me that it hurts :laughing: I’m still waiting the academy though. That huge junk is more like a food and iron furnace.

Lol! Thank you for this! Trying to decide where to
Summon and if this was coming soon, I had considered saving!

But HA was not arrived to Beta for at least 400 days after coming soon announcement, and Ninja Tower is already there.

So I hope it will be released this year, but I am unsure about the Mystic Titans…

I supose it will depend on the “must have” changes:
New Morlovia + Winter event heroes and stages.
Maybe some missing S3 heroes and stage.
And I anticipate 7 more Ninja heroes (5 three star + 2 four star).

So maybe V33 can have the final Ninja Tower changes.

But all of these are oure speculation :slight_smile:

This is really the big issue with Shale, the fact that his cleanse to all comes very late.

I greatly welcome a 4* red cleanser, but he needs a bit of a buff to be viable. Right now, the 1st charge is just pointless (why cleanse and heal yourself only?? lol) and the 3rd charge comes very late.

So usually you’ll be wanting to use the 2nd charge which is the same as average speed heroes – yet Rigard cleanses all allies by this point too, whereas Shale only cleanses himself and nearby in the 2nd charge.

Not to mention cRigard cleanses, heals, and buffs attack of all allies. Shale is woefully underpowered when you put him in perspective with the other 4* healers :stuck_out_tongue: He definitely needs something else to be viable – fingers crossed on him that they listen to my feedback.

While I’m ripping apart 4* heroes; Ametrine also was mediocre in my testing.

Her 1st charge is the only notable part, dispelling one at v. fast speed (basically) can be moderately helpful.

By her 2nd charge though you could’ve had Sabina ready to go to dispel all enemies, and well Ametrine only dispels 3 by that point.

Not to mention Ametrine hits first too, so that means her damage is usually going to be worse against damage share or similar statuses since she won’t dispel until after damage applies. Worse, she can even suicide on counterattacks thanks to the extended range in the 2nd charge so that made her much less desirable for me when I played her.

Hoping she gets a buff too, maybe she can be a 4* Kage.

Saphire is really the best 4* of this event.


Beta Update – 22nd Sept, 2020

Beta has reopened with V32 Build 3 with several balance changes to the Ninja Heroes. The OP has been updated accordingly

Green text indicates new/ added stuff
Red Text indicates stuff removed


From the little I’ve played so far, it seems to be kinda random.

Basically they’re unreliable for defense. You may fight them once at v. fast speed and then the next time they’ll charge slower than a v. slow hero :stuck_out_tongue:



And there’s no info, warning or heads up.

Was just coming to update the OP & post here this:


Well, that’ll make tactics against them… interesting.

Note the following change to Ametrine. She’s now dispelling first before hitting:

Basically she’s now a mini Kageburado :ok_hand: Very welcome change to make her stand out from Sabina.


It certainly has the flavour of popular Ninja tropes. The only thing less expected would be the Spanish Inquisition!

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