🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Do super mana potions fil 1 full charge?

Also, could we request to have a setting feature where you can choose to use specials at charge 1,2, or 3 so that these heroes can be used on defense?

Super mana fills one charge if you have a crit troop. Interestingly mana troops boost this so with a level 29 you can fill x3 using 2.65 super mana (4 medium mana plus one small mana)



  • Lotto - Female - Nature/ Green
  • Jackpot - Male - Ice/ Blue
  • Scratcher - Male - Dark/ Purple
  • Payout - Male - Holy/ Yellow
  • Windfall - Female - Fire/ Red

When do we see Powerball and MegaMillions? :rofl:


Has been asked, no response yet. I expect that the heroes will get “slowed” to match rush attack speed… Wouldn’t expect there to be special coding or anything; just a blanket rule of “all speeds set to 6.5 tiles normally”

Yes; mana potions still only affect 1x charge worth. So Super Mana = 1 full charge, Mana Pot = 60% of 1 full charge & mini mana pots are 25% of 1 full charge.

Mana troops affect this but only slightly.

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Ca n you triple super mana pot a ninja? Like giving a five year old a triple espresso?


Yes :slight_smile: the effect is about the same lol


Is there a plan for 3* heroes?


So if I’m understanding right, cobalt is essentially a fast mana hit 3 with a 75% chance to bypass defensive buffs? If you have a leveled mana troop?

Amigo me haces el favor y me explicas eso de las fichas… Cuantas se necesitan para mana muy rápido, cuantas para mana rapido, cuantas para mana promedio, cuantas para mana lento… Y no he entendido esa nueva metodologia de carga para los heroes ninja… Me explicas por favor. Gracias!

Whath about ghosting tiles how this ,charge,sistem work?

Its funy how after my proposed Thor idea with charges, which got implemented, now whole Ninja line follows :stuck_out_tongue: notguilty#

But I do wonder how these ninjas will work on defense?


How this effect works when these heroes in defence ?

Fire after 1st charge…

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Then this charge mana concept only suitable for offense .

I just corrected it :slight_smile:


Ninjas were usually meant for offense, if I understand history :slight_smile:


On the other hand though, if they charge on first and mechanic for them wont be changed, I probably wont spend much, since if I go for heroes, I plan for them for defense setup

Exactly the same as normal. Ghosted tiles = double mana.

Asked & answered a couple times. even added it to the OP as a Frequently asked question.

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Obviously I know you don’t have any control over this. But are you guessing that the 6.5 tiles would grant one charge? Or bring them to the entire 3? I guess based on what you have said about mana potions, it would be the former. However, if that is the case, these heroes would be significantly weaker than the equivalent slow/very slow heroes in rush tourneys.

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