🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Alfrike charges in 14 tiles with no mana troop, while Mica requires 15 tiles to reach x3 charge with no mana troop.

Specially with both being 2 different elements, I personally see this as far too late to make a difference, as cool as that number is. Even with G. Owl on his side I am doubtful of that mana buff being devastating, simply just because it takes far too long to get there.

Not likely on defense at all either since the AI will fire as soon as they reach x1 charge (x2 if you’re unlucky with a bad cascade).

Generally speaking, while the 3rd charge is uber powerful for some of these heroes, the fact that it takes 15 tiles to get there is just too long to make much of a difference outside of map levels.

For raiding and wars, the 1st (5 tiles) and 2nd (10 tiles) charges are what you’ll want to be using the most for raids.


Hi guys, someone know why Aeron and Grazul are crying in a corner?


Oh yes. I missed that.
Agreed with your reasoning!

I just got too excited when I saw that massive mana boost number.


4* red cleanser.



I think the 2x and 3x mana charge details are incorrect here.
I do not have Beta, but the other heroes seems to follow these pattern: 1x: target, 2x: target + nearby, 3x all, while I see target here for all mana charges.


Mostly. I’m a little sad about it, to be honest. It’s the end of an era.

Garnet tank with Frigg flank will be absolutely filthy. Talk about a boutique defense.


Yeah, surely many changes will come. But the new mechanic sounds fun and will bring many possibilities.

Yes, a 4* red cleanser… But how easy will it be to get it?

Did you try to use new troops, i think with new troops we wil have a bonus change?

We all know Garnet’s really shiny & all, but I’m also looking at Onyx. I really like this one. Am I the only one?

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Do you have any idea how long Ninja tower event going on? 3days, 5days, 1week, etc??

Lol wtf, I just briefly took a look at the heroes and they all seem OP or near OP. The new “charge” mana system in itself is ridiculously strong b/c it makes the heroes a lot more versatile. The family bonus is also ridiculously strong. Introducing these heroes as is will greatly alter the current meta imo.


5 tiles to cleanse self
10 tiles to cleanse nearby
15 tiles to cleanse all


We… are the Ninja Gems!
We’ll never save our charge (in defense)!
And if you think we can,
We’ll always fire away!
That’s why the people of this world believe in
Garnet, Cobalt, Jade, and Mica and Onyx!

(sorry, the Steven Universe fan in me had to)


I’m reserving full judgement for later but it seems like most of these heroes are similar to Alfrike, and actually worse than her because you can speed up Alfrike with mana troops or fill her with one single mana potion, unlike them.

It’s refreshing to see a new form of heroes in the game but I think most people are overreacting to OP heroes at very very slow mana speed.


Fact 1: There are new Mana Troops to go with this feature
Fact 2: Guv reports that the new Heroes in this feature are unaffected by Mana Troops

Conclusion: There will be significant changes to the way Mana works with this feature.

Speculation: Some changes will happen after release, and be unpleasant for some.

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Costumed Rigard literally 2 times better…

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Mana/ Charge Rate Update

Beta testers have done a fair bit more testing around the charge speeds and have come up with the following table / numbers.

The initial charge rate is around 4.8 - 4.9 tiles. Per my previous comment, no mana troop is sufficient to give a “break point” for initial charge.


These heroes are, imo, uninteresting and uninspired.

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@Guvnor I imagine that this can’t be tested in beta currently, but maybe the devs have answered a question about it. Is there any indication how these charges will work in rush tourneys?

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