🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Know? No. I didn’t get time this last beta to test them and rush attack wars (the only time the two overlapped was during a hectic work week).

I expect that they will get a speed “nerf” and go from 4.9 tiles -> 6.5 tiles to charge.

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Ahh so they’d actually be worse? That would suck since they’re a pretty cool class of hero.

No ability to test them in rush attack wars in beta? Perhaps we can prompt SG for an explanation? :blush:

There was. I just didn’t get a chance.

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Didn’t see your edit until I had already commented :slight_smile:

Seems like if Alfrike charges in 6.5 then the ninjas should get 3 charges in 6.5. Granted they’d be verrrrry strong lol. But they definitely shouldn’t be nerfed in RA

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What? Why like that? Very fast speed is very fast speed is 6.5 tile to charge no matter how the mana on a hero works so ninja are worse than normal.

I don’t know how the second and third charge would work but we will see. I guess each charge would require 6.5 tile.

@Mr.Spock, I checked with some other beta testers and they recall from their testing that the Ninja heroes DO have their normal Mana Speed replaced with Very Fast mana.

This makes sense to me in terms of the way that the “Fast Mana” and “rush attack” tournament rules which stipulate that “mana speeds are all set to very fast”


That does make sense and thank you for checking on this for me. It is disappointing that rush attack in fact slows them down considerably. Perhaps it’s an oversight that they’ll fix later on

This is for real? Some of the ninja are super OP can I use them only in tower? or no? For example this dude Cobalt is like a 6* 2x charge 325% !! to 3 heroes with 85% chance to bypass defensive buffs?

Like what? and you can reduce his tiles for 2 charge from 10 to 9…
Someone please explain it to me

Do we know how many coins we get per stage completion?
I assume it’s similar to ToL and Costume Event, where it starts off by giving you say, 1 or 2 coins, then the harder it becomes and the higher you climb, the more coins it rewards you.

Does anyone know the total amount of coins given/earned by completing ALL stages?
I know it’s 100 for a free summon.

Ninja Tower is scheduled to start tomorrow. However, Tavern of Legend is scheduled to start third Thursday of the month which means the day after tomorrow. Will we have two events together (Ninja Tower & ToL) or ToL (and then probably Wlhalla too) is rescheduled this month? Could you comment this @Petri ?

So many events, so few World Energy Flags! Oh, my luxury issues continues :smile:
Looking forward to it all :slight_smile:

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tower got his own energy so you wont have problems, at least not more then you had till now


Unfortunately new energy won’t give me more time for playing :slight_smile:


Oh! Thank you - I thought that Energy mentioned was used specifically for something else on top of it. Still learning so much. Great news - thanks again :slight_smile:

No worries about they been overpowered. What they want is you to spend gems to get them so you can use them against OP heroes like Ursena, Killhare or GM, and then nerf the ninjas. Of course, nerf them after all of us spent quite amount of money. Then you can have 50emblems as compensation :ok_hand:


Agree, they scammed us with telluria and vela, they are doing exactly the same thing with ninjas !
But anyway, most players will chase after them, i ll probably spend up to 500$ tomorrow on ninja summons

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Jade = Jade (from Mortal Kombat)

Mica = Scorpion (MK)

Cobalt = Sub Zero (MK)

Garnet = Scarlett (MK)

Onyx = Shredder (TMNT)

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Never again, if the players don’t stop to spend and SG will not stop to scam.

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Closing as these have now been implemented to live game.

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