🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]

How many people in beta attempted this?

How many levels can be completed with unemblemed 3*?

@uvekolarz answered most of these but:


I didn’t use any items… No value in using them given the paltry rewards… But Tornadoes will be the most useful to reshuffle the board to get your Oni Curses into a better position. Then the usual assortment of bombard weapons will help (Axes, Dragon Attacks & Bomb Attacks) but bear in mind that the bosses have A LOT of HP so not as useful as in Challenge Events.

I didn’t try. I got bored… When it was taking 4-5 minutes per stage in the 20’s I didn’t have that kind of time to sink into trying to finish it…

But I’m sure that, in real game were the rewards more worthwhile, that yes I could have completed it… had I had more motivation…

No, it actually starts as just 1 mob wave & 1 boss wave (2 total) for about the first 25 odd levels. Then it becomes 2 mob waves & 1 boss wave (3 total) and then eventually 3 mob waves & 1 boss wave (4 total)

Attempted? probably not many. Like I said, the time cost & resource cost was really high to “complete” the event in beta… so not many players bothered tbh

Depends how many Items you burn :stuck_out_tongue:
I would expect up to stage 10 would be doable.


Uhm :frowning: I felt like that after checking the reward list. Thank you for sharing that infos about gameplay!

How many heroes do we need to complete it all based on the curse rate? Is there a known curse rate?

Depends again on how many Nadoes you’re willing to burn, how well your board plays out etc…

So basically unknown… As many as it takes :stuck_out_tongue: I made it through 25 odd levels with the same team without losing a single one 3-strike curse… But there were reports of other testers who lost 3+ heroes in a single round.

No. Only that it increases with the tower difficulty.


I predict we will have an RNG related complaint thread regarding the curse. :rofl:


:laughing: Cheap, cheap prognostication, buddy. :laughing: Let’s get specific here:

At how many minutes after release will the first complaint be made? I will be generous and say 3 minutes.

I was going to say “seconds”, but that seemed overly cynical, even for this forum.


Based on my data and calculations I estimate the rate as ridiculous.
75% of the time is fighting with gems instead of enemies. On levels beyond maybe 35 if you’re lucky you’ll get 1 in 4 or 5 turns without an oni gem. If you’re lucky you’ll fire a cascade and see a gem deleting itself in 4 consecutive combos but end up with a gem on a board anyway. And when you fire a diamond to get rid of a gem and end up with another gem as a single tile of the same color on a board in the next turn you just stop caring :wink:


I can imagine complaints even before the release.


Ah, well, technically they would be complaining about the beta preview, which as we all know is subject to change. We must be precise in this so-important case. :rofl:


You want to create one? :wink:

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It would be complaining based on how people perceive how it would be, no sticking to the facts whatsoever :smiley:


How many monsters are there on a wave? What about the boss levels? Any rounds have more than 3 enemies or is is like the challenge events and limited to three per round?

Thank you!

3x Monsters per mob wave.

No; at most there are only 2 mobs + 1 boss.
Stages 1-9 = Boss + 2 mobs
Stages 10-19 = 2 bosses
Stages 20-50 = 3 bosses

A graphic has been made in advance which will get posted before the event goes live. Just no point posting now given that Beta Content is so liable to change lol


Beta Update

Will update the OP later but the summary of changes to the ninja Tower Gameplay are:

Oni Curses:

  • Increased back to 3 turns to dispose of them
  • Reduced number of curses required to lock out a hero from 3 -> 2
  • Decreased appearance frequency.

Deadly chamber effects:

  • Adjusted order of appearance and interval / severity of increase
  • Removed the Erratic Time effect

Stages / Mobs / Bosses

  • Decreased boss HP on most stages
  • Changed some of the stages formations (I expect this means that we could see some bosses surrounded by a mob wall or similar)

Less often, but more severe. Good stuff. Less “ho hum another oni” and more “OH FFS AN ONI!”.

Kinda like the dragons in Dragonlance.

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OP now all updated to reflect the changes. Apologies for the delay in getting the info sorted.



Per the V32 announcement and release notes, this event is now moving to live game:


Thanks for this. Any update on when this even tis scheduled to take place?


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