🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]

It appears a little tight on shots; 50 floors/5 days=10 floor/day but recharging life in 10 shots every 21 hr so maybe 1.1 shots per floor. NO MISTAKES allowed???

I’m assuming you also start out with 10 energy (guessing, don’t know). If so than over 5 days (120 hours) you would have (int)(10 + 120/21 * 10) = 67 energy over the event. This means you can fail 17 levels if you didn’t waste any, but E&P keeps trying to find ways to make people decide on efficiency or sleep/work/school etc. Events always being scheduled to start in my local very early A.M. hours mean more waste for me personally. If instead, they did it like tournament flags where I am capped during a 24 hour period this would allow me to do this on my schedule as long as I participated once per day.


you forgot about sleep. so please refigure

It’s there - please read the whole thing. :slight_smile: I specifically mention sleep. Calculations for how much effective energy you have will vary from person to person, and I recommended a different way for SG to implement the energy to make it less schedule dependent (like for sleep).


Dev 1: What I’d really like is for the game to be so broad and complex that no one person can really dominate all facets at the same time.

Dev 2: That might be hard. When someone gets a lot of Legendary Heroes in the endgame, it will be easy to participate in everything.

Dev 1: I know! Let’s create some scheduling conflicts, so it’s difficult to compete in everything. That should discourage people.

All top players: I’ve been up for 72 hours straight! Why is this so hard? Stupid SGG!


Anxiously awaiting this info, really hoping there is something like the big staggered loot drops from Seasonals (ex, every 10 levels) and/or coin drops on each level like the Tavern. Really really hoping there are ascension mats somewhere like the main monthly challenge event.

(and I know I’m asking for more than I’m worth here, but if you really want to make us love it, let us CHOOSE the ascension mat :pray: :crossed_fingers:)


A question on a board can the hero be cursed 2 times when he is already cursed?

Una pregunta en un tablero puede quedar maldito el héroe 2 veces cuando esté ya este maldito?

Yes, they can be cursed up to three times before they are removed from use

(edit: sorry, I don’t understand your question correctly, maybe Guvnor can answer)

Sí, se pueden recibir maldito hasta tres veces antes son removan de uso

(edit: lo siento, no entiendo su pregunta correctamente, tal vez Guvnor puede responder)

He’s refering to the in-game board.

The question is if a hero can get cursed twice at the same time if two Oni Gems appear on the board.
As OP says, the curse is applied at random. So, if a second curse is applied while the first one is still active (not permanent), could it be applied to the same hero, or could only be applied to one of the other uncursed 4 heroes?

And what happens if there’s only one hero, actively cursed (not permanent), and a Oni Gem appears?

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ah gotcha, thanks

updating my post

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My question for beta users is “Is it fun?” I am hoping that they are targeting end-game players with this feature and make it difficult and challenging to get all the way up to 50 in a fun way that challenges roster management.


Tavern of Legends also targets end game players and demands a careful roster management but I wouldn’t exactly call it fun.


Rubbish. I barely have to use 1/3rd of my roster on that. I autoplay all but the last two or three levels. And there are much bigger players than me. (Not to mention, end game players are the LAST ones who would find that summon portal useful.)

I mean, maybe you’re right that that’s what the devs were going for, but if so, then they failed miserably! LOL


I believe so, yes… Oni Curses are randomly assigned to heroes on the battlefield… Meaning the same hero can have multiple curse count-down timers on them at once.

It’s doable but something of a grind… Like it’s 50 stages… which doesn’t sound that bad but as it gets further in it becomes harder… and harder fights = more HP = longer fights…
It also gets pretty monotonous… yes they are different bosses but it ultimately doesn’t matter to a late game player WHO the boss is… it’s just another fight.


Thanks for taking the time and responding.

Gracias por tomar el tiempo y responder


Hello Guvnor I am uploading a video to explain about things related to the beta could you and any doubts you have could you collaborate with it or there is a thread where they explain everything in detail about beta example: what is beta? And questions like that

Hola guvnor estoy subiendo un video para explicar sobre cosas referentes a la beta me podrías y las dudas que tengan podrías colaborar con ello o hay un hilo donde expliquen todo a detalle sobre beta ejemplo : que es la beta? Y preguntas como esa

Hi @Tortumini05;

See PM I just sent you :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a handicap system on the scoring to allow lower level players to compete for the top spots. For example, if you are at level 50, then your event score is multiple by 1.5. If you are at level 70 its only multiplied by 1.3. Or, something like that…
Alternatively, the handicap could work on your individual war team (top 30 heroes) contribution score.

That way the person with the most skill and luck wins top spot - not the person with the most fully maxed heroes (read…money!).

This could work on the Mythic Titan events too.

The person at Level 100 doesn’t need 100x emblems of each class - the person at level 50 does (me!)


What would be best to avoid oni gems curse activation? Just in case you are almost doomed? Tornadoes?

That seems to be a good idea.

As I read in the topic those players will be higher in the leaderboard who completed more levels, and the score only determines the rank only among players with the some completed levels.

As I do not have a lot very good heroes I think I will start the lower levels with heroes what I can afford to lose so that on lower level only those heroes will be excluded from the game which are not usable on higher levels.


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