🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]

you haven’t misunderstood and my english sucks, so no excuse needed :sweat_smile: ty again!

Thanks for the informativo. I think this is a very difficult event, and the probability to complete it is very slow. I’ll try to do the Best but I feel very helpless when the game prevents you from winning by putting some impossible boards to use with your team. There is something that I’ll never understand

Am I correct in believing the general hero usage strategy is similar to ToL (use weak heroes early, slowly scale across the event, preventing losing good heroes to oni stones on a bad board early)?

Do we really need another event where we are limited to single usage on Heroes?
Why should we be restricted like this? Is this how ALL future events are going to be being designed?

You can use a hero as many times as you like. They can only have 2 oni curses applied (i.e. the curse timer runs out) however… But until then you can use the same heroes as much as you like.

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The rewards are kind a joke… except ninja coins and emblems, all others can be produced. So… as we are fighting for rewards, this are not tempting al all… lets see…
I remind initial rewards on tournaments raid. Those was awesome until next raid tournament… basket got sooo empty


New event says:

  • Stages can be only played once, so plan carefully!

How about fail? If all hero dead can play again or the event is over?

Damn rewards are horrible for such event.

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So no one knows what the final rewards are? That will determine if this is even worth my time and resources.

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I really appreciate all the info! Thank you very much!

Can we all agree that these are the worst Ninjas in history? We can hear them sneaking up on us easily nearly a day in advance…


Thank you for the recap and guide @madmarv, you put some serious effort into that.

Fingers crossed that rewards are raised when it goes live tomorrow.

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Thank you man! Good job!

Another cash grabbing feature…great job! it’s unbelievable how for this kind of things, like season 3 for example, they work so hard to take them out in time while for features like hero academy (altough badly implemented) or anything that is slightly oriented to FTP players it takes ages to roll out. I’m speechless, more and more each day, of this disgrace.


So if you fail/lose one stage, you can’t replay and just move up?

Explained previously.

No Replay means you cannot repeat a COMPLETED stage:

If you fail, you may reattempt. If you flee, you may reattempt. If you COMPLETE you may not.

Lol I guess this is the devs response to people saying Taverns is too easy because they barely use most of their super deep benches :laughing: they are listening! Kinda

Who has that kind of time mid week though :frowning: I can’t even procrastinate like I do for challenge events until the weekend… and can’t loot ticket

No tier completion no motivation!


Closing as content has now been implemented.

Discussion thread: 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

My apologies for the incorrect information, the next Tavern of Legends is scheduled for next month - it will be alternating between Ninja Tower.


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