🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]

Hello Guvnor I am uploading a video to explain about things related to the beta could you and any doubts you have could you collaborate with it or there is a thread where they explain everything in detail about beta example: what is beta? And questions like that

Hola guvnor estoy subiendo un video para explicar sobre cosas referentes a la beta me podrías y las dudas que tengan podrías colaborar con ello o hay un hilo donde expliquen todo a detalle sobre beta ejemplo : que es la beta? Y preguntas como esa

Hi @Tortumini05;

See PM I just sent you :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a handicap system on the scoring to allow lower level players to compete for the top spots. For example, if you are at level 50, then your event score is multiple by 1.5. If you are at level 70 its only multiplied by 1.3. Or, something like that…
Alternatively, the handicap could work on your individual war team (top 30 heroes) contribution score.

That way the person with the most skill and luck wins top spot - not the person with the most fully maxed heroes (read…money!).

This could work on the Mythic Titan events too.

The person at Level 100 doesn’t need 100x emblems of each class - the person at level 50 does (me!)


What would be best to avoid oni gems curse activation? Just in case you are almost doomed? Tornadoes?

That seems to be a good idea.

As I read in the topic those players will be higher in the leaderboard who completed more levels, and the score only determines the rank only among players with the some completed levels.

As I do not have a lot very good heroes I think I will start the lower levels with heroes what I can afford to lose so that on lower level only those heroes will be excluded from the game which are not usable on higher levels.


Beta Update – September 22, 2020

Beta has reopened with V32 Build 3 with several changes to the Ninja Tower

I will update the OP as soon as I can with details

Short notes are:

Specific changes:

  • Oni Gems (curses) appear More Commonly in gameplay

  • Oni Gem timer reduced from 3 turns to 2 turns

  • Blessings rewarded now every 3 stages rather than previously every 5 stages.

  • Stage Preview added. Includes a preview of the Mobs AND the Boss on a stage. Just like the S1, 2 & S3 maps.

  • Oni Curse (with timer) on the hero size increased.

Regarding the Ninja Heroes now sometimes “holding” their special firing for 2x or 3x charge, I will add some information here as this has a major affect in the Ninja Tower Gameplay:

  • AI controlled Ninja Heroes (on the ENEMY team) now randomly hold the casting of the special skill for 1x, 2x or 3x charges.

  • The number seems predetermined & holds until the cast occurs (i.e. determined at 0 mana & only sets a new number after casting special skill)

  • There is NO interface/ heads up or anything which describes or gives warning when a Defending Ninja Hero will fire it’s special (i.e. nothing to indicate whether it will fire on 1x, 2x or 3x charge).

I’ll try to play thru all 50 stages of the event and post up the rewards but I’m not sure I will get time to… its 50 stages and as always subject to changes.


Tower Energy - this is like world energy, where we have 10 per day.
How many energy does each Stage need? is it just 1? Or am I misunderstanding what Tower Energy is?

Tower energy is a new energy format. (Like tournament energy)

You have 10x which refresh on a set time period (again, just like tournament energy).

They can only be used in the Ninja Tower (again, just like tournament energy).

1 energy needed per attack (again, just like tournament energy).

In summary, the Tower Energy is to the Ninja Tower like Tournament Energy is to the Raid Tournament :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re saying that Tower energy works like Tournament energy. Is that correct?


Thx for the information I thought that we will receive 1 tower energy every 2.1 hours :slight_smile:
But if I understood you correctly, then we will have 21 hours to use all of our flag, before we get 10.
This is good as we do not to rush and use some flags when the event starts.

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@Guvnor @DaveCozy

I have a question about deadly chamber effects.
Is there a difference between - and " in the table about the effects ?
I understand that “-” means there is no effect.

Is " character means that “same as above”.
So for level 16-20 for example we have “50 damage per 3 turns” and “Effects 1 turn shorter” and “1x less of each item” too ?

:stuck_out_tongue: so it has the same affect as the cell above it does.

I got lazy and didn’t want to type it every time… Nor did K want to clutter the table up so I shorthanded it.

Yes, I have seen it just after I posted my question.
Sorry for asking it unncessary :frowning:

How hard are the levels now ?

Maybe I missed it, but it’s placement rewards, and no “completion” rewards?

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Presently, that is correct. I haven’t specifically looked for that this beta build. I did check and the placement rewards are unchanged.

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Are some heroes immune to the toxic vapor like Clarissa to the poisonous mist in season 2? Does gato immune to ailments has any effect?

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No; does nothing as it’s not a status effect.

Also no; it’s not actually a poison like thing. It flashes across the screen with a Ninja Tower Icon next to the Damage amount.


Just like the poison S2 stages?

If my math is correct. It indicates there are 50 floors and we only get 10 tries for each of the 5 days. assuming we start with 10. That seems to mean that we got 1 shot at each floor if we want to complete the entire tower and 10 possible re-tries. Is that accurate?

Getting new flags every 21 hours doesn’t give a 7th set of flags—or am I missing something?

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we can re-use the same heroes over and over for each floor, right? i didn’t see mention of this in the first post.

Wait, scrap that of course we can otherwise we need 250x max heroes to finish it lol


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