🧪 Early Information on Ninja Hero Summon Portal & Ninja Troop Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Are ninja troops usable for other heroes in game or just on ninja heroes?

I think you can use them for any heroes.


I would like to know the answer for this one as well

I agree with @PlayForFun. I do believe I read somewhere that ninja troops can be used with any hero.

Answered previously either on this thread or on the thread which has all the information about the troops.

Troops are troops are troops.


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Beta Update

Small update and increase in the Ninja Troop Portal Odds:


Change for the better. Do you know if there is general trend to increase odds for better heroes and troops? Apart from emblems and 4* materials it’s generally biggest reason to complain for most of the players.


There is unlikely to be any change to any of the existing portals…

If there is planned to be a change, it’s not been hinted at anywhere


I started holding on to my ETTs when ninja troops first came out (which originally was a mana version but was changed to bypass - meaning before it was changed I expected more chances to get a mana troop).

The increased chance to get a 4* troop without affecting the chance to get either crit or mana 4* troops is an excellent reason to hold on to them and only use them for this portal.


Fyi there is no “mana ninja troops”

They have been changed to having “bypass” (the pierce ranger talent effectively).


I know. I’ll change “first mana ninja troops” to be more clear that I meant the first version, which was replaced but was the reason I started holding on to them.

My concern with new Ninja heroes is, that they will completely break possibility of any cup holding or optimal defense, since they are faster than very fast, and stronger than best dmg heroes currently in game, while also have most varied specials…

Basically you wont be able to put any other hero who isnt fast or very fast on tank role as well as other positions on defense, and thus compromise power of defending specials.

I suggest considerably toning down damaging specials, since Ninja heroes already have most solutions, how they wish to optimize their specials…

YOU cant have speed, power, and flexibility in one hero and expect balance!

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I’m interested in seeing how they play out on defense.

For speed though, each cast is randomly assigned a charge level to fire at. I would guess each speed has a 1/3 chance of being chosen, but don’t know. Anyways, sometimes they will fire at 5 tiles worth of mana, sometimes 10, and sometimes 15 (before mana boosts for the last two). So speed will not always be in their favor on defense.

I was speaking for them when you are raiding (offense) and how no defense will be able to hold (no optimal defense to their versatility, speed and power).

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So you were - sorry I misread. Yeah I’d be interested in what people in beta have for using them on offense.

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So, will the ninja troop be better than the mana troop? We already know that the mana troops are more sought after than the crit troop. I was thinking that the ninja troops may be ideal supporting very fast heroes, and maybe fast ones, too.

They could at least start throwing S2 heroes in the mix of these special summons. I think they should be added to the TCs as well. Maybe when S3 wraps up they could do something like this, but I doubt it. They love screwing their customers.

As with so many such questions, the answer is “It depends.”

(All calculations below are relative to the hero’s base stats)

  • Using Ninja troops won’t make your specials fire any faster, which can be a significant difference
  • Using Ninja troops will consistently deal more damage, both for
    • Specials (+45.5% damage vs +36.6% for Mana Troops or +27.9% for Crit Troops)
    • Tiles (+45.5 damage vs +36.6% for Mana Troops or +37.5-66.3% for Crit Troops)
  • Using Ninja troops will increase damage potential against Buffed opponents
    • For example, against a hero with Defense Boost of 63% (Vivica, Wilbur, etc), bypass translates to approximately 93.4% more damage when it triggers. At 15% Bypass chance, that gives you 29.0% more damage, on average, on top of the +45.5% damage increase cited above
  • Using Ninja Troops will only increase your hero’s effective HP by ~23.6%, vs ~25.0% for Mana Troops or ~47.3% for Crit Troops

So, while there are definitely heroes that would be better served by Mana troops (Malosi, Grazul), there is a lot to recommend them, especially in buff booster tournaments (where the increased damage would compound and you’re more likely to face heroes with defensive buffs)

Closing as this has now been implemented in live game.

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