🧪 Early Information on Ninja Hero Summon Portal & Ninja Troop Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new Ninja Tower Summons Portal.

Ninja Tower may NOT be included in the final v32 game release, but is continuing Beta testing during the v32 cycle. Final release is expected in late 2020.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Ninja Summon Portal

The Ninja Summon Portal is linked to the appearance of the Ninja Tower Event.

It features new Ninja Event Heroes in addition to the trusty vanilla heroes.

%%% – Appearance Rates

The Ninja Summon Portal (Currently) has the following Odds:

Classic Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 71%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Ninja Heroes

  • Epic Ninja Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Ninja Hero: 1.0%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_mouth_face: Summoning Costs

The costs of summoning are listed below

Single Summon:

  • 100x "Tower Coins
  • 300x Gems

10x Summon:

  • 2600 Gems

There is currently no “30x” summon option

Ninja Troop Portal

New (30 Sept, 2020): Not sure exactly when this was added but during the Ninja Event the regular Epic Troop Portal is replaced with the “Ninja Troop Portal”.

Basically this portal takes over the normal Troop portal, the same as the Seasonal Event Portal replaces the Epic Hero Portal. It remains there for the duration of the Ninja Tower Event.

The summon costs are the same as the normal Troop Portal & you CAN use your Epic Troop Tokens in this portal.

Summon Odds of the “Ninja Troop Portal” are:

  • Rare Classic Troop = 90% 85%
  • Epic Classic Troop = 8% 10%
  • Epic Ninja Troop = 2% 5%

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The 1% summoning chance is pathetic when only the red and green legendaries have any game utility at all.

By far, the worst portal yet.


I would say ToL is worse, but they thankfully fixed that. Otherwise it’s exactly the same as for Challenge Events.


Not really. Most of these 5* heroes are extremely powerful. Unlike TOL where many of the legendary heroes aren’t that good.

Isn’t there any viable alternative to filling these portals with s1 heroes?


Jade and Garnet are great off the bat, but the other three need to be at at least 2nd charge (10tiles) to do anything. Since the attack heroes are really only for offense you have to hope for a helpful Initial board given the speed of raid meta.

The epics are a joke unless their charge is maxed. The counterattack bonus is interesting, but it’s tough to picture when you’d run all three on a team.

ToL at least has Gravemaker, Drake, Seshat, Athena, Hel plus the best offer in the game. But, yes, that portal is trash too.

Tired of SG constantly spamming new portals that offer nothing to long-time players but the same dismal odds to get anything useful.


This is perhaps the most anticipated by players


There’s the rub. People say “wahhh I’m bored”, then they complain about summons odds, or it’s too easy or too difficult. I love these forums but frankly, sometimes it’s too much negative.


There’s other threads to discuss the actual exciting aspects of Ninja Tower, namely the event itself.

This, however, is a thread about the summoning portal and there’s nothing good to say about it. It’s the same crap as every other summon. Not to mention it’s more offer spam that’ll come up any time you open the game. I’m already X-ing out four or five things every time I play. Get used to the negativity because this is how a lot of players feel about the way the game is going.


I’m used to it, very good point about this thread being a summor portal thread. I guess I’m way too positive thinking that I can earn free summons. Could get a dawa could get a new ninja legendary…eaether way it was a new challenge.

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Does the summon portal feature a bonus ascencion chest for each 10x summons just like Atlantis or Valhalla ?

I didn’t note one.

Can check again later or someone else can verify.

Certainly for FTP, the coined summons make up a significant portion of their Hero intake. I would imagine they hate the constant fodder, but would would face an even slower grind without them.
And, of course, it gives a spot for the whales to dump their cash, and good luck to 'em.

I get what you’re saying, but even without the money attractant aspect, this game has gobs and gobs of fodder baked in right at the core. It’s certainly not the first online game to do so, nor will it be the last. The last time it irked me, I think I was still proudly comparing my C-64 against an 8088.

It really does seem like they started from scratch in a lot of ways, doesn’t it? There’s a fair number of ideas that came and went very quickly, like, “Oh that was a bad idea”. Yeah, as the last five years of mobile gaming releases could have told you!

Nevertheless, I like the segregation that having many portals provides. It means that, while you may still be subject to the gasha rules, you can still see inside the bubble and make some meaningful choices about what pool to draw from. In that respect, the HOTM notion is the broken part, even without the Telluria thing. It makes HOTMs (try not to laugh) too common.

This, I like.

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Would you please tell us what the offer is exactly? Thank you. :wink:

This has been mentioned repeatedly and ignored repeatedly.


Too many portals and micro transactions. It’s getting a bit out of hand. I suppose we can always #nospend though.


Again, with the classic heroes in every portal. So glad, I’m retired!!!

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just don’t buy them. its not that hard

They need to make all these fillers costume pulls. They’re too greedy. I think they could live without 1 more portal. They have plenty.

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