🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32 & V33]

They have been added to the game (per the last update); we just haven’t seen one yet.

So far, since the update on October 13, we have had 2x wars. The 14th was Field Aid & the 18th was Attack Boost. So those two wars following on with the old schedule (see the OP).

NOW, if the introduction of the new rules drops the occurance of each war rule from 2x wars in a row to only 1x in a cycle, the next war we see will be either Arrow Barrage OR one of the new rules. HOWEVER, it could continue with the 2x wars in a row with the same rule in which case we won’t see the new rules until either the 24th (if it slots in between Attack Boost & Arrow Barrage) OR the 31st (if it slots in After Arrow Barrage)…


Thank you man, I wonder why we must guess… it should be specified in patch notes.

I am alliance leader and cannot provide any information, now I can tell something more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! For this upcoming war’s undead hoard, will the attacking heroes also receive minions?

Yes - per the announcement thread:

In Undead Horde Alliance Wars all Heroes - on defensive and offensive teams - receive a skeleton minion.

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thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

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Closing as this content has been introduced to the live game in Version 32 :slight_smile:

October 22, 2020 Update

Elemental Charge has returned to beta with the following changes:

  • Heroes of certain element get buffs in the battle.
  • All heroes get a permanent buff: +20% damage reduction in the beginning.
  • All heroes get permanent buffs of +2% mana generation and +8% attack in the beginning.
  • For defenders the buff grow +2% mana and +4% attack every turn
  • For attackers the buff grow +1% mana and +2% attack every turn
  • Max buff effect level is 20. This is visualized with the bar on top of screen.

I will update the information above accordingly when I get time :slight_smile:



That is going to be a proper challenge.

Lets out a long, slow whistle of amazement

Beta Update

Finally got around to updating the Elemental Charge war buff introduced in Beta V33.2; See below for the update (or the OP).


As a War Tracker, updating convoluted spreadsheets for these new rules is a tedious chore. :rofl:

As a Player, I welcome the variety.


My first thought based off the war effect is reliance on buffs for def teams to be effective. Also timing of using specials to coincide with the removal is heavily in the attacking teams favor. I would utilize snipers, healers, resurrectors, mana destroyers like Li Xiu special, and leave the buffers on the bench for defense. Are minions affected by the removal?

No, only status effects – buffs and debuffs – are removed. I cannot recall if stacks are removed, but I think they were.

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@Guvnor how does the mechanic work? Is there a counter through the war where all buffs and status ailments are removed when the counter reaches max (like field aid and arrow barrage) OR do they never work in the first place?

The first :slight_smile:

There’s a bar that partially fills each turn. When it’s full the war rule fires off which then removea all the buffs & ailments and stacks from everyone.


What element is this war, or just the same old way we used too.

the elemental buffs aren’t in the live game yet

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Hello Guvnor,
Is it clear what is the current ‘war rules’ rotation applied in the game ?

I have an impression we had just 1 new type of war (horde) so far and then we were back to 2x old ‘arrows’. So, what is the schedule going forward now and for this weekend ?

BTW, thank you for great work you do with all information share and posts published,

They have not yet told us what the rotation is. When there is any info, you will be informed :smiley: good gaming to you!


This is live in game we should know already…

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