🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32 & V33]

So, trying to translate this a little further, it sounds a lot like “kill them in four turns or die in six”.

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Well, in my opinion this is an improvement. Wars were getting boring, always shouting while field healing about this enemy heal and loosing the battle. Laughing against the arrows and winning the fight. Now it is same for us and same for them. This asks for strategy adjustments and more tank changes (“which Tank color we should us this ti… Oh well, Telluria again” is now history) Good work, SG.


Does Elemental Charge included in v32, which means will appear this war rule within next couple of wars?

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No, it has not included in v32.

It was still under Beta testing in v33

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Yep. Me, too. It’s too early for me.

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Boas know what will be the support in this next war ??? … Thank you very much

we don’t know exactly but we can guess it would be Rush Attack again…

See the logs thread here: Guide: War Rule Rotation – NEW


@Guvnor — whatever happened to elemental charge? I assume it hasn’t returned to beta; I saw your thoughts on the initial version. Was the updated one any different as far as forcing a tank change?

It returned to beta for a couple rounds of testing in Beta V33.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time to test in V33 but I don’t think it’ll necessarily force tank colour changes… May encourage it a bit but unlikely to force the changes…

I do think tho that it will encourage a lot of experimentation tho…

For example, in Beta & on Line discussions I’ve had, there’s abeen a bit of debate as to who/ what gains the most benefit out of the Elemental charge rule;

Consider effectively 4 scenarios; each have their own merits & benefits:

  1. Tank – A GREAT tank will get a fair benefit out of the elemental charge rule; straight off the bat with the reduced damage but then the scaling effects too the longer they survive. BUT if you don’t have a great/ good tank in the elemental charge colour and your alliance forces the switch, then it could be more detrimental than the benefit you gain… particularly if there are low emblem counts.

  2. Flanks – Dual flanks can get a fair bit of benefit, particularly when hidden behind a great tank. This allows them to gain multiple scaled effects as well as giving you TWO heroes who gain the reduced damage.

  3. Wings – similar to flanks BUT they’re furhter out… so the benefit from the reduced damage is lessened, however you gain more of the scaled attack boost by the time it comes to fire their special skills… so a trade off

  4. MONO – This is an interesting one as you combine ALLLL the benefits of the above three scenarios… It is a gamble obviously as you have no “strong” / “weak” colour interractions (like flanking a green tank with blue heroes or whatever)…
    but in saying that, there is the benefit that enemies will stack their “strong” colour against you, thus not gaining ANY benefit from the elemental charge rule (i.e. if you field mono purple, they will bring yellow heroes who won’t gain any Elemental Charge Rule benefits).
    You also, by fielding mono, introduce the liklihood that “strong” heroes will be dwindled even faster as there is now no alternate colours to stack against.

Beta feedback was DEFINITLY more positive about the second version of Elemental Charge than about the first rule.

Anyways, it will be interesting… if it makes it to live game


It’s cool that it’s coming new war rules. However I don’t think the attacker should get any benefits. It has always been the defending team that gets the bonus and I think it should stay that way instead of taking tournament rules to Wars.

Undead Horde should be only defending team.

War equalizer should be only defending team, but only cleanse status ailments. Buffs and undispellable ailments should not be removed.

Rush attack should be renamed and add %mana to defending heroes after x turns instead.

Hope the new elemental bonus rotation will add bonus only to the defending team. Just adding a bonus to the tank position is enough to get som rotation. It wil still be optional to change for the bonus.

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I still don’t realize the rotation of the war

Do the skeleton minions have an element or are they neutral?

Like all minions they “become” the element of the owner

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We just had Rush attack on 11/21 after 2 Atk boosts… so it should go to Field aid on 11/25/20?

It’s all being maintained on the thread that Jinbatsu linked.


You had rush attack? Strange. We had minions.

Is each alliance on a different rotation or something?

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i had minin too last time. I belive there will be minion again tomorrow 2 war in a row with same rule i guess. Adding new rules maybe change the order but i think that the rule still stay for 2 wars before change.


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