🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32 & V33]

Ahhhhhh ■■■■ that is going to blow.


How many Alliances are going to have anywhere near that many Alfrikes? I suspect some of the alliances at the very top might have 10 or more, but I would imagine the vast majority of alliances will only have a couple? The reason there are teams with tons of Telluria’s is because Telluria was a HOTM with WAY better odds of summoning than Alfrike, across many summoning portals. Never going to see the same sort of numbers for Alfrike.

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I applaud the effort SG! Any changes to wars are more than welcome by me. I am especially excited about “Fast” wars, I’ve been needing a valid excuse to level G Owl without being ridiculed by my alliance, and I think this will help make my case. Finally get to see some of these neglected slow heroes get time to shine. I’d also love to see rarity excluded wars as well. I know that idea may ruffle some feathers, but maybe 3 and 4* wars could be an option you allow alliances to “opt in” or not.

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These three are the only new ones added. Elemental Charge is not included.

I am leader of my alliance and my alliance members it’s keep me on the game. Yes after this nerfs I just lost interest on every aspect of the game I dont participate in wars I don’t play raids I don’t play the tourneys, only thing that I hit it’s the titans, and yes if SG don’t return the scopes and the tonics I just will erase my alliance and will delete the game. So for this reason I don’t care so much for the new war rules.


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Has anyone asked about Noor in the Undead war rule? Will she gain a sparrow minion when the undead one pops? Might make her a little more valued during that war rule if so.

I tried doing a search on it but got nothing.

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So … my Alfrike is +12 not +19. I run her with a lvl 13 mana troop on defense and lvl 8 3* attack troop on offense. I’ve also attacked 46-4700 teams with a Alfrike +20 with lvl 30 troops.

Do I love her? Yes. Is she unbeatable? No. Is she unbeatable if you start with a horrible board? Depends on her team members and if you have a healer alive.

She’s is my regular defense and I stay in the low diamond range. I can go up to 26-2700 but I will daily wake up back in 24-500. Against people with defense teams ranging from 4100-4600.

I ran her as tank in the no holy Rush Attack tourney and lost the first 3 defense matches in a row. Against 4200 Def team owners. I did end up with an A grade but win rate was just about 60% over around 15-16 battles.

I’ve gone up against her in raids, wars and tournaments. Her firing from Tank or wing position created the most problems. But you can still win. In the recent rush tourney - in one game I had such a terrible board, enemy Alfrike fired twice from Tank position before I could even charge up one special. I still won that match. Equally, I had a completely winner of a match murdered dead by one lone Alfrike firing late game from a wing.

Alfrike is not unbeatable, not even in no holy Rush Tournaments. Good boards and bad boards happen to all teams.

Putting a spotlight on slow mana heroes is not a bad thing either. So what if people need to actually think and come up with different strategies to counter different teams instead of a one strategy works everywhere method. Heck take a bunch of low hit damage heroes against Alfrike. The self strike damage will be low and you can grind her down. She’s usually flanked by aoe or snipers so take counter attackers. Take minion makers, spot healers. Yea boards might still screw you over … but that happens with every hero.


I hope these changes make it better, not add to the problem. sometimes not all players get the best heroes for all elements

Just explain field aid what is the point the benefit of it do a survey i believe most would vote against it

I never say control over other player roster but let the members submit 3 possible defense team and allow the leadership to decide which one to be used.

I hear you, man. I’d love to have some control like that, but not everyone is as well meaning as you and I, sadly.

They won’t have control over our heroes/roster. So even if the leader is a bad person, they cannot change our roster, they will not even be able to view it.

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So? New war rules were added but wars remain the same, anyone know something more? It is added or not?

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I think Noor’s passive explicitly says it procs on minions summoned by special skills. In that case, likely not.


Maybe it’s time for them to work on slower, yet more powerful heros to be competitive in rush attack wars. If they want to. All those heros that seem to be obsolete in the current meta - but some players got those and leveled them. You know, RNG does not reward everyone with heros suitable to fight best defences atm. In all other aspects of the game those players seem to be disadvantaged, so if such alliances exists, imo it’s fair for them to have that little niche where they can perform better than usually.

I believe this was the idea behind. To make some forgotten heros alive again. Occasional rush attack tourneys were not good enough reason - with a new stage, well, maybe more people will decide to invest in them. It’s up to us wether we’re gonna adjust our rosters, or stick to the existing plan and possibly sacrifice success in rush attack wars.


They have been added to the game (per the last update); we just haven’t seen one yet.

So far, since the update on October 13, we have had 2x wars. The 14th was Field Aid & the 18th was Attack Boost. So those two wars following on with the old schedule (see the OP).

NOW, if the introduction of the new rules drops the occurance of each war rule from 2x wars in a row to only 1x in a cycle, the next war we see will be either Arrow Barrage OR one of the new rules. HOWEVER, it could continue with the 2x wars in a row with the same rule in which case we won’t see the new rules until either the 24th (if it slots in between Attack Boost & Arrow Barrage) OR the 31st (if it slots in After Arrow Barrage)…


Thank you man, I wonder why we must guess… it should be specified in patch notes.

I am alliance leader and cannot provide any information, now I can tell something more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! For this upcoming war’s undead hoard, will the attacking heroes also receive minions?

Yes - per the announcement thread:

In Undead Horde Alliance Wars all Heroes - on defensive and offensive teams - receive a skeleton minion.

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