🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v39]

I guess you’re talking about Milena. Eh it’s a small 15% heal, which is barely anything. 1st charge is essentially very fast speed, so this is identical to Grazul’s 15% heal, except she gives ailment block rather than cleanse, which is arguably better since it preempts any negative effects.

Or look at Garnet, 1st charge is again very fast, but she gives 180 HP overheal, or 12.5% overheal assuming 1450 HP average across all 5* AND ailment block. Now that is truly OP.

Yes the passives look kinda OP on first glance, until you read the fine print and realize they can be triggered at 200% mana only. Essentially for the passive abilities to proc, you’d have to use them as if they were slow heroes.

Certainly there is another power spike with these magic heroes no doubt, but I don’t feel any of them stand out as being OP or gamebreaking, well maybe Cristobal potentially:

1st charge essentially acts as a stronger green Kage, 2nd charge is a green Fenrir but to all. 2nd charge could potentially one shot the whole team IF everybody else has already been weakened to <50% HP somehow.

Curious, because IMO he’s the most balanced of the bunch. Sure, he does a bit more damage than Kage, but he doesn’t dispel before the hit, which is arguably the key feature of Kage.

Autorevive on death on three selected heroes, for 6 tiles, now that’s busted.

You mean Nedezhda?

Autorevive is only to caster, so basically a very fast Tyr. Second charge acts like Alby, but then second charge is 12 tiles = slow which is the same as Alby.

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Huh, misread that pretty badly.

I thought she applied the fire DoT to 3 targets on either team, and gave autorevive to all three, for situational use.

Now I kinda want a new hero like that.

Do you think the event not being in beta is because most beta players didn’t play through the entire Ninja Tower when it was in beta?

That sounds like I’m attacking beta players but seems like a practical idea from SG.

I don’t think that SG will release this event without Beta testing.
I think this event might be arrive to Beta in August or in early September.


Are there new troops too? Like the ninja troops at ninja tower event?

We have not seen any new troops yet, but we have not seen the event either.

I will keep you updated about this when the event arrives into Beta.


this event seems bit slow compared to the recent ones where they rush to release them… aren’t they desperate? i mean eager…

Yes, this other new Slayers event is rushed to the live game. Villians and Circus was slower.
It seems it takes more time for SG to alter Ninja Tower to a similar event than how they can transform other challenge events to a new event.


any info if this event use ninja coin ro not? not tempting to summon ninja heroes anymore but will buy some offers to hoard the coins if Tower magic use same coins…

Unfortunatelly there is still no information on this.
My assumption is that we will able to use them:


This mentions Tower Events
Currently we have Ninja Tower, and there is Tower in the current new event’s name too.
So I think if SG wants to introduce new coin type, then they should named this event otherwise.


Omg are they seriously going to make 3 other tower families like events now?

Currently we know there will be these 2 (Ninja and Magic Tower), but who knows what is SG’s plan…

Why 3? The towers are not related to 5 elements or 4 seasons.

5 towers just sounded right.

That is fine as long as they don’t have something stressful like never ending oni gems.

Yep I’m excited - ninja tower is my favorite thing in the game I love the challenge and figuring new strategy. I also have no more interest in the ninja heros so I’m hopeful I can use tower coins for the magic heros that are VERY interesting.

Maybe you have panther but some of us are dying for a purple edd


Sergei I think I would like to get. As the defense down and the +100% attack boost is essentially a 2-in-1 hero for titans. This would give you your defense down hero, but also your attack booster, giving you an extra slot for another damage dealing hero on titans. He’ll be a must have for me.

Also, Milena says Fire element instead of Ice element. I assume that it is correct? It does seem weird for an Ice hero to be the only one that doesn’t state their corresponding element on their passive ability

I have written what I could saw in Beta.
This “problem” is reported by Beta testers about Milena (and Anton) to Staff.
We will see that will SG adjust these in the next round of testing of these heroes.

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