🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v39, v41]

So my guess is this will alternate with the ninja tower every 4 weeks and tavern will move to the mon-wed gap we have, the week after mythical titan/few days before the “towers”. Tavern doesn’t really need to be 5 days but it can be every 4 weeks so we can have a chance to pull those non s1 costumes twice as much!

At least the current ninja coin is already called a “tower coin” so maybe they will update it to work for both towers. I know I’d rather pull for a better chance at these new OP 4*'s than the small chance at a 5* ninja (only to get a 2nd jade…).


Seriously, Tavern doesn’t need 5 days. I could see 3 just in case there’s other demands on WE, but I usually finish in one, no flask needed.

  • Motega- genuinely something new. Love it if I managed to pull him
  • Milena- first charge (baby rigard), second charge (cobalt wannabe)
  • Cristóbal- first charge (kage with no dispel priority) second charge (five Fenrirs)
  • Agrafena- First charge (meh skills, probably fits a tank role), second charge (c rigard on steroids)
  • Nedezhda- first charge (emilio and atomos had a baby), Second charge (Alberich)
  • Anton- first charge (rokkamush and tettukth had a baby, second charge (Alberich’s second child)
  • Anastasia- first charge (Delilah without the heal), second charge (Elizabeth without the Spidey things)
  • Sergei- first charge (panther finally has a baby, second charge (tarlak’s the father)
  • Dolgoon- first charge (budget Gunnar), second charge (Wilbur on steroids)
  • Kornel- first charge (red Brienne), second charge (red C Brienne)

Faster than very fast. The new heroes are interesting. Though I am still confused on how will I use Sergei if I got him… do I use him as Panther or Tarlak? Should I aim for 2 Sergei?

I just hope they will turn Tavern into once every 4 weeks event. I hope they do not force us to play an hour a day just for Tower event… should have been spread into 10 days. Tower flags are different from other event flags, so they can overlap.

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He can be slotted into any team if you don’t have the essential titan killers like Miki and tarlak. Then he’ll function like Miki. Putting in a dark stack, just focus on the dark defence down. The second charge skill isn’t really that important as I think dark defence down is good enough

I will still prefer wukong against non-yellow as the mana potion to get into the 2nd charge is twice than wukong.

My body wallet senses can’t keep up

I give up lol


I don’t even bother to know all the names of new heroes anymore lol. Too many to keep track of


translation: You need 2 Sergei to take full profit or that hero. Or use 1 + 2 big mana pots…


Wow i love them all. Two specials that you can choose from? Hell yes.

I wish it wasn’t an event like ninja with 50 floors tho. I hope SG didn’t look at leaderboards and went “oh, too many people manage to complete it, let’s make a harder version!”
I don’t think i would be able to survive two towers in two months xd

I’m sure these heroes will be nerfed but they all look great. More defense down, fiends and reviver heroes are always welcome. They have also new great passives. Can’t wait to see them in game !

Just don’t make it timed and it will be better. Timed events just means it’s for the whales who have the best of the best

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These heros are cool, flexible, useful. BUT most of them has too heavy special on first charge that they get too fast. It makes most of them imbalanced. 6(5) tiles is too little to get full charge for those perfect specials. They must be cut or in mana charge speed to special 1 either in power of first special. Now they are more powerful then even ninjas.

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Thanks a lot @PlayForFun for taking this up! You joined the line of heroes… I cannot even imagine how much work is to do this, but it is of huge use for the community!


When I read the OP, I thought it was @Guvnor doing his thing. Second post made me realize something odd.

Thanks for bringing this in the open, @PlayForFun. It will give players and forum users a chance to dissect this event based on the initial info.

Now, for the Tower of Magic event. I like new contents, new heroes and new mechanics. But I felt that I am on a Japanese bullet train traveling from Point A to Point B without being able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in between the places. Tooooo faaaaaast., toooo furiouuuuuus. I can only imagine some players disheartened on these:

° too many new heroes, the names and the characters get jumbled already;
° too many new powerful heroes, the latest much powerful than the previous ones;
° too many events jam-packed in one month that this has become a payless job and not anymore a fun distracting game but an expensive hobby that even with the best time management you can come up with, a lot will be very stretched and sacrificed; and
° yet, the QOL ideas and requests put up in this forum are rarely addressed, if not belatedly, that Small Giant has prioritized investing time and resources and manpower creating new events and heroes instead of fixing, if not eliminating, bugs and glitches.

I hope the whales will continue to spend big time. For C2Ps, it’s not fun spending continuously and consistently only to get disappointed with what’s going on. More than ever, free to play is the way to go for me.

Cheers. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


He mentioned that he was semi-retiring recently


I knew that. Even posted in that thread. I was just so used having @zephyr1, @littleKAF and @Guvnor doing this kinds of threads.

Great start, @PlayForFun. Keep it up.


Blockquote :tophat: Tower of Magic Hoeroes

Tagged for spelling.

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Thx for spotting it. I have run over it a few times and fixed some typos, but I have missed this.
It is fixed now.

Yes, it looks like he wrote it. I wanted to keep the same format as we used to when @Guvnor wrote these topics.
So I have used his Starfall Circus event heroes related topic as a template, and I have also used some text from the Ninja Tower event heroes topic too.

You are welcome.


Hoer means prostitute in Dutch, so that would have been quite the tower, lol


Interesting event and heroes, although I know that this definitely will change, I hope that it is shorter and get rid of those curses, they tent to be annoying. This type of events are suited for higher level players with a robust rosters and a lot of resources for weapons

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