🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v39, v41]

Will read it tomorrow (late here) but where they want to put this? The schedule is pretty full. Or it will alternate with something else (costumes maybe)?

Still, I did every ninja tower and for some weird reason I found it even fun last time, but having another tower is a bit too much. Especially another Magic Tower, since I still have PTSD since the times of Cultists’ Tower in Final Fantasy VI.


1 tower every month now ? cmon stop this ■■■■
less is more

its like they really want to release anything possible and get as much money as possible before the end of this ponzi and then close the door


My guess since this is a “Tower”, it’ll be in rotation with Ninja Tower. I’m gonna try and go full mana next ninja tower, as i learned that you don’t want to make alot of moves to have the curses appear.

Also, Tower is not once a month. It’s every 8 weeks now.

I just hope this tower is shorter than Ninja tower. 50 is too much!
I am thinking if they want to release this as a 5-day event like ninja tower, then maybe total of 25 floors, 5 flags for each day will be nice.


Whoa. For most of these heroes seems like the picked the most useful special skills in the game and decided: why don’t we put them together into one hero?
You need Brienne? You also need costume Brienne? Or maybe you need Gunnar and costume Gunnar? Why keeping two copies of the same hero both with the costume version when i have a new single shiny hero that is both of them, but better, faster and with a passive ability too?


I love the charge mechanic so glad to see it is being expanded to Magic. I’m less excited by the second charge having a completely different special skill. Maybe it expands the potential use for each hero?

I like seeing some newer/fancier/important game mechanics coming to 3 and 4 stars. Sergei seems like the most desirable so far for the EDD.

Some of these mechanics will be interesting for challenge events. Will people use double the mana pots to get the second effect? What if you only wanted the first effect, but you get such a cascade that it builds up a second charge? It certainly adds a lot to think about.

The heroes are generally fantastic. Not sure I need to go through and give my thoughts on each. I’ll take any and all of them. I don’t see any that even come closely to being as poorly designed as Shale.

The passive abilities will certainly cause some RNG complaints going forward. Is full charge any full charge of the mana bar or does it mean you have to get to 2x? They’ll also make us put some extra thoughts into team building.

I’ll hold off comments on the actual Magic Tower. I like the Ninja Tower, so I am excited by hearing about a second tower. I’ll be interested in hearing how it’s different. I hope it’s not the same structure with different enemies.


I can see it’s becoming more and more Money Grabbing game.
We are further and further away from FUN GAME TO PLAY


i do like ninja tower, just think it take a bit too long


Slow is 12 tiles. These are 13. So not quite, but I get your sentiment.

can’t agree anymore. I feel 25 or less floors is enough!


New mechanics are welcome, but 2x Mana Charge is too strong.


Yey another bothersome no-fun calendar-hogging time-consuming event.


The table at the top of the post shows that a 13% mana increase (I believe this is level 23 mana troop) will charge the 2nd tier in 11 tiles. So, put a level 23 or higher mana troop on these OP heros and they are effectively slow mana.


Just when you think you’re over pulling for heroes and such, and you convince yourself these heroes are not worth digging into your wallet, they throw in Sergei. FML
Forget about the 5*s. Sergei is their cash cow for this portal


Seriously, he’s only a 4, but he’s Panther and Tarlak rolled into one.


But it depends on how fast he is. 3 turns dark defence down isn’t long, but I’m guessing they’re using c marjana’s mana speed for him. And if the board is starved of dark tiles, it’s almost impossible for him to use his two skills back to back. You need to be ready to mana pot him everytime he’s battling
His dark Def down needs to be buffed to 4 turns

Say I want to use the Tier 1 special, but there is a cascade in the board and my mana is charged to 200%. Would this mean that I can no longer use Tier 1 special then?

I would give them credit and say this portal is actually worth pulling especially if you’re c2p/f2p. Their rares and epics are applicable to events and the daily titan hunting


well, you can’t say they’re not listening to some degree. a 4* reviver and finally a 4* purple defense down? there are tons of people who will pull at least a few times trying to get these that otherwise might not bother trying to get the 5s.


That is correct - at least thats how it is working now.


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