🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Event [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

As it looks like currently, this event will probably come in september?

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I have asked the timing from Staff, but I have not received any response yet…

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Well, since its still 1 month till event, and beacuse in other case, Ninja event would postpone this tower of magic for almost two more months, its quite safe to say, it will be :slight_smile:

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And suddenly I like it again.

I think this is nearly the perfect solution. (at least for me)

25 floors for those who want only the normal rewards. Now you don’t even have to play everyday, with 50 energy you can miss one or two days and still finish.

And for those who want some challenge they can go further, not really much to gain there, mostly just personal achievement. Yes your ranking will be better, but those top spots are now 80% the same people and will be than, so not really something to loose for the mass.

I must say this is probably the best solution I could have hoped for. If I have the time in those 5 days I can try climbing as far as possible and if I don’t have the time I can still finish pretty easy even if I miss a day or two.

Only thing is, that there at the moment seems not to be even a theoretical chance to finish this behemoth of a tower without buying energy. With only 1 curse allowed on most heroes it’s probably not that easy anyway, but still the chance like Ninja tower to finish it if you play a perfect event would be nice. If you loose one stage you have to buy more energy nonetheless even now. So maybe make those flasks a little bit more expensive but give enough energy to finish it if everything goes perfect.


nice pay to play event good job small giants
i think you should do the same for everyting, all events, all season events, all rare quest, forcing palyers to use gem to complete evry challenge

very nice, i dont want to play with free players anymore, thats not fair, i want only billionaires around me


I’ll be interested to see if you get a reward of energy at some point to cover the last 25 levels but it seems that most people won’t need to finish the impossible levels. I’d be totally down for a 100 floor event, so long as we get 20 energy per day

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I’ll be interested to see this in live. I like the sound of 25 floors with a further 50 to increase your score, but with little reward. Although 75 levels sounds like a lot on first hearing it, I think this finds a way to reduce the ‘required’ levels whilst still giving some people the extra challenge they want. I also like the idea of differentiating between classes.

I do have one questions and one concern though

Question: If my maths is right, you get 25 coins from completing the first 25 levels + 65 from the chests you open. That makes 90, but you need 100 for a pull. So it won’t be possible to do a pull the first time this rolls around unless you spend gems. Is that right?

Concern: Even if the impossible levels are more for the challenge than the reward, it does still seem like a step away from having at least an outside chance to access all areas of the game as FTP. This feels like the thin end of the wedge

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I wouldn’t even mind an open end tower, with those no loot only points rules from the impossible mode.

Now it’s called impossible stages, but I’m sure we will see a ton of people finishing it. Why not let those super whales truly see who is the king/queen of tower events. Sell some energy and let them play as far as they can. Would also be entertaining for the rest of us mortals.

If we look at the last Ninja tower around 50k people finished it. That makes around 96% of the players who didn’t bother with finishing or weren’t able to finish it. For those pretty much nothing would change in such an endless tower.
They would get the loot for finishing the normal levels and for their placement which wouldn’t really change.

For some of the 50k finishers from last time there would be some loot change especially top 5k and 10k (or what there exists) category was relative “easy” possible. So those people if they want to stay in a similar loot space will probably also have to go and climb higher. But most people in there are at least semi competitive, so I think it wouldn’t be that problematic and the differences between those loot tiers aren’t that great in reality to really bother about them.



I was also thinking an open ended tower sounded good. If people want to spend lots and lots on refills to be #1m they can. If you are FTP, you can just aim for winning 50 levels and feel a sense of completion. I know several people have said ‘just don’t play if you don’t enjoy it’, but that sense of completion is part of the enjoyment. Not getting to the top feels like I’ve failed, but it wouldn’t if there was no top

Thanks for this thread info @PlayForFun

Great,… I hope so… so there is no XP, Food, Iron, etc right? still waiting confirmation.

50 Floors Ninja was too hectics, and now 75 Floors :astonished:
I hope doing only 25 Floors do feels like completed, and more floors if we want to go higher in final reward.

No, I have already played about 5 stages and you get food, iron, XP, 8 recruit, some random low value items, 1 emblem and 1 Tower coin for each level.

About the ranking…
Once you complete Normal you see “Completed” under you name but the Leaderboard is look like this:

  1. Player 1: 1900K points - Completed
  2. Player 2. 1200K points - Completed
  3. Player 3: 850K points - Completed
  4. Player 4: 900K points - Completed
  5. Player 5: 820K points - Completed
  6. Player 6. 840K points - Completed

There is some issue in the order of points or in the background SG checks which floor you are on at the Impossible questline. (I suspect the second.)
There is a bug reported to this in Beta (whether to rank the points properly or show the Floors correctly, instead of Completed).
We will see how it will be resolved.


Well,… it seems more busy over Ninja Tower, 75 floors :man_facepalming: :laughing:

So, it means completed Magic Tower on Floor 25. Only get 25 coins (outside from chests).
It seems like uncompleted, if more floors get more coins.

This is more crazy than Ninja Tower. :hot_face:


Completion means all stages which is 75.

Only 50 energies for 75 floors, does that means I have to buy 5 flask to complete it?


The game for this event is considering the 25 stages as completion, the other 50 are treated as bonus.

Your score is marked with “completed” after stage 25

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It is not complete if not all is complete, I will not accept that.

That is just a fake lip service.


Agree… I hate this miss informed.

OK, it is like Event challange… have 3 tiers: if Rare is completed, is it marked as completed, so Epic and Legendary are bonus :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I’m saying this, because there are still coins, xp, food, irons, etc…

I don’t get it. :neutral_face:


If even without losing I still have to buy flask to complete all 75 floors e, that means all players do not receive the exact same chance to progress.

This game used to be F2P but now only first 50 floors are free while the remaining 25 floors need to pay??? @KiraSG


That still means not completing floor 26, not completing floor 27… not completing floor 75.


If there were 1000 stages with each stage adding 10% stats to each enemy designed specifically to be never ending, would you consider completion only for 1000 stages?
^This is what I think it should be. Infinite flags to complete each level once but don’t have an ending.

I can’t tell exactly, but this seems designed to reward “completion” at 25, then 26+ are just bonus levels with minimal rewards but to further separate top players.

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The Tower is completed at floor 25. I can accept that.

But with 50 energies, I can only complete up to floor 50 without buying flask. I cannot complete floor 51, 52, …, 75 without buting flask.

If the tower is up to floor 1000, yes I will still consider the completion of each floor individually. The completion of tower and completion of individual floors are separate issue here.

If the game is really free, then all players should have free access to all of its playing mode without the need to buy something.


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