🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Event [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

Are there free 5 tower energy flask as reward to play last 25 floor impossible questline ?

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No, I have not received any free flask as a reward in the Tower so far.

But SG gave us 10 flasks for testing the Tower. I have 5-6 more to complete the event + the 10 flags / day.


Beta Update

I have finished collecting the data of the last 25 floors of the Impossible questline.

The rewards remain at the similar level as the last few floors os the first half on the Impossible questline.
In average I have received 6 emblems and 3.4 coins at each level.
Most levels gave me 5 emblems and 3 coins, but there were few which gave me 10 or 20 emblems or 5 coins.

In total I have received 150 emblems and 85 tower coins on these last 25 floors.
The Impossible questline gave me 284 emblems and 153 tower coins.
The grand total from the event was 412 emblems and 251 tower coins…

The difficulty of the floors are increased on these last 25 Impossible floors too. The final level was 21% harder than what we had in the previous difficulty.
On the last floors the mobs were harder opponents than the bosses in the first few Normal floors.
Their normal attack could dealt 5-600 on any of your heroes so it was crutial to keep your heroes above 50% health.
Of course here your five star heroes are more powerful too.
Even a normal Season 1 hero with low (6-7) number emblems can have around 2k attack and 2k defense stat and 1.6-1.7k health if you choose the proper blessings (eg: stacks for attack and defense)

Chosing the +50% mana when entering the Boss wave twice is also helpful as it is guaranteed that your heroes will be charged when you enter the boss wave. Note: There is a few second delay while you are gaining the mana.

Choosing other mana related blessing can help you charge mana quickly with 2-3 minor mana poitions.

I have added the floor quide, reward quide and the blessings to the OP.


I have performed these changes + 1 have added an image of these heroes, which I have created based on the hero class table image what I have received from @cap (but most likely it is available somewhere on the forum too)


You are awesome @PlayForFun thank you!!!


:superhero: Memento Heroes Classes and Class Trial Quests

I didn’t update it but it will be done asap.
First task is creating all the charts for magic tower :scream:


Thx for your work @cap

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I don’t expect to play on the impossible level, but I really have to thank you for all your effort in informing us all about everything that is going on with the event in Beta :pray:


There is a Gormek costume on 5 star spot

Thx @Xevo
I have fixed it in the OP !

Can you give a hint on which battle items should be used for completing the tower?
I know that roster is also a major factor, but the players who normal compete in Top 5000 and better… Do you have an idea on which and amount of battle items?
Thanks for all the work you have already made - It’s amazing and very helpful :pray:

I’m not a beta tester but I assume items are similar to ninja tower. I rock triple mana and tornados. I get too 1k using about fifty tornadoes and a bunch of mana. Higher end players use scrolls and other hunters lodge items.

Just to finish I wouldn’t need as much but I go for rank in ninja tower.



I know you have not asked, but I start with the blessings first.
Among the nornal Blessing I prioritize these:

  1. +5% mana generation
  2. +5% Crircal chance
  3. +5% Attack
  4. +5% Defense
  5. Tower Spirit Minion
  6. +5 Health

Among Rare blessing these were my priorites:

  1. All Heroes get 5% mana every time a Hero casts their Special Skill.
    This is a very good one oand only Available after Normal 18 and 24 Floors.
    This will be very helpful as if you fire the special skill of all 5 heroes, then then first fired one will have 50% mana after you have fired the 5th one.
  2. All Heroes get 50% mana when they enter the Boss Wave.
    Thi sis very good as you can use your special skills earlier if you pick this blessing twice, and you can still starts with 100% mana for your heroes.
  3. Stack (Max: 10): All Heroes get +5% attack each turn.
    Having a higher is always good, and if you choose this more times, then only these stack will make your attack to at least double your heroes attack by the time you reach the last floors.
    Even my Season 1 heroes had 2k attack at the final levels by I have reached the boss wave without any active special skill buffs.
  4. Stack (Max: 10): All Heroes get +5% defense each turn.
    It is not so important at the start, but at the final Impossible floors the bosses hit hard.
    Even with having about 2k defense by the end of the Impossible questline the bosses’ normal attack can hit 5-600 on your heroes.
  5. All Heroes with less than 50% HP gain 3% mana every turn.
    This one is helpful too if your heroes are close to be charged.
  6. -15% Received damage reduction.
    This is helpful on high floors to survive longer.
  7. All Heroes get 100 HP every time a Hero casts their Special Skill.
    This can be helpful too if you do not bring a healer.

And now about battle items:
I have just gone through the tower to complete it and I was not compete (but still I have received about 2.6 - 2.7 million points)

In the first Beta the top finisher has about 3.1 million points, but I suppose it will be a bit higher in the live game.

  1. I have used minor mana potions for all floors.
    By choosing the correct blessing in most time 2-3 was enough for me to charge a hero at high floors.
  2. On low floors I have used arrows, then axes, bombs and dragon attack while I have climbed the tower. (Dragon attacks are only used at the end of the Impossible questline)
  3. I brought healing potions to help my heroes survive longer.
  4. Tornado
    I have used them on the second half of the Impossible questline.
    On the Normal Questline levels I have brought expandable heroes, where I do not have to worry about curses. Some of these were from Magical class, where I could worry about curses lot less.
  5. Antidotes (when I have not had t Tornado with me)

I have not used any Hunter Lodge items, and I could still finish all floors.
I have always had a Healer in my team. My heroes are mostly survived the Boss wave with the help of the healer, the blessings and battle items.


Wauw! Thanks for the detailed information - I’m grateful :heart:


Why not prioritizing minion? +5% attack actually result in more damage than +5% crit.

I have not chosen that as it is easy to take out a minion, and if three is no minion, then there is no benefit from it. While the others blessings on that list are help me in all turns.


I have found in NT the minion blessing is the most useful, but perhaps this event is different. Will see when we all play.

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Maybe it was not useful here due to a bug, which I have reported to staff.
(No matter how many times you have selected this blessing the Minion HP is always stayed at 5%.
Staff told me that this will be fixed.)


I like the minion blessing. I went without it once and thought it was harder. Biggest reason I like them is they’re good at clearly enemies when you don’t want to use tiles or specials.

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Reading all this information, I have a feeling that Tower of Magic is going to be a lot more difficult than Ninja Tower.

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