🧪 Early Information on New Styx Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v48]

Take a look at the leaderboard. Those teams should have made it through from 21 to 25, same class restriction.

Try copying some of those teams and keep trying, if you are adamant on completing Styx.

As @jkdevore has advised, you need overheal heroes, the sturdy 5* type preferably, at least 2x.

Plus minimum one killer AOE. Khufu comes to mind.

One mana control or MA : think Kullervo, or that red Kale 5* (can’t remember his name)

Last one is your bestest option that complements the rest of the must have.

Last option : is hoping for a fantastic board that allows to “glide” through floors 21 to 25. I had a few of those between floors 16 to 20.

Oh man! You didn’t opt for that?!

I took both. Ended up with -30% damage reduction. Didn’t help much though cos I didn’t have mana control or silence or MA to hold Erebus at bay.

Yeah, I did the mana per skill activation because I used carol in ninja and magic, and thought of nothing trying to use the same strategies here. Big mistake. also I had no choice but to invest in that skill because it’s wasted at that point, might as well improve on mana per skill activation.
From now on it’s defence first, then mana

30% damage reduction with counterattack would be perfect in the later stages. People with sif would have it easy

I have sif. But didn’t use her. Lol.

Opted for dodge. Erebus made it past that 56% dodge. It was amazing how Erebus made it pass that 56% dodge constantly. :joy::rofl:

I chose
• stack attack
• minion 2x (saved me more times I can count)
• 10% mana Gen
• 15% critical (that kicked in often enough for me)
• +25% healing (helped out when I couldn’t bring overheal heroes)
• -30% damage reduction
• that pesky 250 hp per turn that didn’t work or at least I didn’t notice any improvement in my heroes’ health each time I kicked in.

This is what I got. The 6% mana gain per skill activation is quite useless. Should prioritize defence and damage reduction, then mana.

Crit chance should be useless to me as I am focusing on DOTs and counterattack

I don’t know, that’s imo is quite useless in the later stages. It helps only for first wave when you’re charging but that’s it.

I was also absolutely shocked the massive amount of damage the snipers do, I agree that without overhealers I wouldn’t have been able to complete it. Thankfully I had a good enough team that I didn’t have to repeat any levels - I had 2 healers (one overhealer), 1 sniper, 1 attack booster and 1 mana controller. But without use of these top tier heroes, I don’t think I could complete it (I gave up on my alt account because of my limited roster there).

Pre nerf treevil with his -54% attack would have helped massively here, just saying


I went with that stacked attack. Up to 100%. Because of that defence ailment reflect.

Plus attack boosters via hero or dragon banner, ended up with elevated attack stats. Throw in Miki or Franz plus critical, this strategy got me through to 21.

I bombed out on 22 cos board was abysmal. It was one of those 20-tornado boards. And Heimdall failed to revive any of my team whereas he revived 5x for floor 18. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My troops are okay. I only needed that +10% mana at best. Could have done without it. Take another minion or stacked defence.

I only have one overhealer, C. Kassshrek, and, unfortunately, the level I got stuck on was 19 - didn’t allow Sorcerer class.

Everybody else mentioned, I didn’t have. Nearest I have to Kullervo is Gretel, and she was too squishy for the later stages. Could barely keep her alive up to the bosses.

The blessings thing, I was going off what I normally do in the Towers, and I guess that cost me: I usually go for amped-up mana/mana per Special/healing per Special, and then get defence/damage reduction later. By lvl 19, I had only -15% damage reduction.

Mana per special is quite redundant in this tower. Yeah, I picked that too and it was a wasted blessing. Hope you can get more overhealers next time

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Hope you get the heroes you need by the next round.

It’s okay not to finish a tower. Really okay.

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Funny thing, that blessing did the trick for me. Because of that I was almost able to fire special after special, otherwise I would not have been able to finish the tower.

The mana blessings were wasted for most of the tower, but they did come together in the end. I had 6% mana on cast with and 10% mana boost and was firing a lot of specials every couple matches, with the help of small mana potions ocassionally. Mana on low health is garbage though (didn’t choose it) since you want to be overhealed all the time, and even the cursed tiles overheal you.

I did feel scammed because I had to choose crit twice (the other options were mana on low health and health on low mana), and tile damage was pathetic overall. The blessing minions were extremely durable, so I’d like to choose it twice the next time if possible.

I opted for the 40% minions… They helped me stay alive especially ion that stretch when i didn’t have any decent healers on my active roster.i managed to make it to 24 impossible… Only lost once… Took my 250 emblems away with a smile.

I grant that it was a chore… But i prefer that than auto playing.