🧪 Early Information on New Styx Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v48]

Best guess is tower or challenge coins. Based on the charge 1/2/3 speed, people speculate tower, like ninja and magic have.

I (personally) think that it will be a new challenge event, as they are (most likely or presumably) previewing these two in the summer solstice summon, and this would match the 2 gargoyles previewed in the black Friday summon

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Thanks @ProfessorPenguin that makes sense.

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Most likely they will be available with Gems only in the Solstice portal.

Later my guess is that you can pull them with Tower coins.

But all of this is just a guess.
Nothing is confirmed.


Your guess sounds reasonable. BF was gems only too.

@PlayForFun Is there a timetable to SGG give us details about the solstice portal?

I’m saving my gems for it

I have no information other than the name of the portal.
My guess is June 21st as that is the day of Solstice.

We will see it very soon as SG should announce the June calendar very soon.


So would Nyx and Hypnos be in the solstice portal like how penolite and galliard were in black Friday?

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They’re still releasing hypnos looking like hes a character from a coloring book.


Exactly, their offical release in new event will be announced at a later date.

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That was a pretty drastic change in Hypnos’ special. From only blocking Taunt status to all status buffs. Sure he can dispell all buffs from the start, but for him to now block taunts, and mana boosts, and counterattacks…huge.

I’m glad I got this Fire hero.

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This is a song that has been sung countless times by many present and former players.

I commend you and others for posts like these but I wouldn’t expect too much from them on this front :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice :hugs: I have come to realize that too - energy is better spend elsewhere.

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Well, SG have done it again. They’ve made yet another Tower event that’s not only near-impossible, but also really aggravating and stops being fun when you get to the levels where the bosses wipe out fully-levelled and Limit-broken 5* with one special.

Seriously, SG, why do you think people would enjoy this?

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Isn’t this the purpose of the impossible stages?

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It’s not actually meant to be literally impossible.

More importantly, it’s a game; it’s meant, first and foremost, to be fun.

It’s no fun when, no matter what you do, you can’t beat a game because the programmers have made it actually impossible in a way that is completely discouraging.

I had been enjoying the rest of the game recently, but this latest episode is just awful. Has seriously ruined my enjoyment.

You don’t have to do everything in this game. You can pick n choose. There’s so much content to play these days.

Your roster and troops will keep growing. When this tower rolls around again, it will be easier for you the next time.

I didn’t finish Styx. Ran out of free flags trying. Not going to chase the goal post with only 4 more floors to go.

I don’t bother with NT or ToM too.

Pick n choose what gives you greater game satisfaction/fulfilment.


That’s not how it works for me. The enjoyment I get from the game is being able to use my skill at match3 to beat all the missions I choose to do. I’ve managed to beat NT and TOM, barely. It ruins my enjoyment to essentially let SG off the hook by not choosing certain missions. I shouldn’t have to forego parts of the game because of their poor design, when I’ve been playing the game right in every other way.

As I say, the issue isn’t the difficulty in itself. The issue is that the way it’s difficult is frustrating, annoying, and discouraging. It’s just no fun, and it’s not why I play games.

I’ve got plenty of Limit-broken, fully-emblemed 5* heroes, and they’re all getting wiped out in one shot by cheap, OPed bosses. I’m not sure how much more powerful I can develop my heroes to make them more resistant to this crap.

We have different versions of what’s fair. While yours is about the difficulty, mine is simply just how you can complete it as free as possible. This impossible version is as fair as it should be. It’s impossible back then because no FTP would want to pay gems to complete ninja and magic towers

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I get it. I’m in the top 1000 but a few rounds took over 7 minutes. This was really hard and I did have a flask saved up that I had to use because I lost a hero.

The other thing was I saw one of my heroes get hit for 2100 which is mind boggling. If you dont have overheal, I really doubt you can get this done

What blessing did you get. I felt that I screwed up this time round. Should have gotten damage reduction instead