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Reduced 4* trainer odds because PLAYERS asked?
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When did they changed something we asked for last time? Maybe in 2018? Or when Alberich’s mana boost was nerfed ages ago?

They reduced it because you know what. Even if some players complained that doesn’t make any sense. They did because of the profits.


I’ve said a long time ago, nobody comes to these portals and wish to get S1 heroes. (On a side note. The word ‘S1’ feels so dirty right now, I always cringe when writing that) A S1 4 star is basically a 3.5 star at this point and getting a S1 outside of costumes is not a good thing in this current age.
The only players that ‘think’ getting trainers in the portal is a bad thing are completely new players or new f2p who have no idea what heroes are good or not and they just want any hero out there. These are the people the devs pander to.


Yeah, we all know who’s behind this.
I don’t mean to say that directly to you and put the blame on you. It’s just that i quoted it :sweat_smile::joy:
They keep grinding money by making this kind of excuse like New Player want to have a chance to get Classic Heroes. (Hey you can get it on any other event like S2/S3/S4/Ninja/Travern/Costume or even your Training Camp)
This kind of event is like 2 times a year, and yet even the chance of getting Epic Event Heroes are getting slimmer now with Trainer Heroes and higher chance for 4 star Classic Heroes. Unlike S2 / S3 / S4 which is monthly event.

Just hope they know and consider it.

This is incorrect. Odds of four star event hero are the same as any other challenge event.


Sorry but when will be a new event ?



I mean worst is a strong opinion. He’s still good. Just works a little different.

Also I’m aware you’ve walked away from the game so you might not care anymore anyways :joy:

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Wingardium Sarcasmosa!


Why more heroes? This year, there have already been 2 new groups pulled in, Villains and Underwild. I am still levelling my previous seasons, surely there has to be a better way for SG to progress the game. I feel that if they are going to keep pulling in new groups of heroes, they should figure a way of speeding up the levelling and ascension of others.
I have an idea, how about an event that rewards trainer heroes, or putting trainer heroes in the summoning rotations?? Simple.


Agree completely, what keeps me from going in on a lot of these portals is the lack of accession mats that are dropping. When they are nerfing Telly/Vela into the ground there seemed to be an uptick in mats to get people away from Telly. I think I’ve gotten 3 legendary mats from random pulls so far this year, excluding quests. What’s the point of trying to pull heroes when I won’t be able to level them up for 4-6 months? I get the idea of limited time pulls but I’m not going crazy on these portals if I don’t have the mats.
Outside of the stats, I don’t see a big need to do a ton of pulls for these heroes.


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This topic is supposed to be about starfall heroes, why has it turned into some whining about trainers? There is already a topic for that.


This is all about Starfall heroes… :thinking: and how trainer heroes should be added to the rotation.

I’ll be happy to use this portal (though I may stick to tokens only) because there are nice 3* and 4* to be had with better odds than the legendaries, and which don’t cost hideously rare mats to ascend. I’d count any event hero a win. If I can stand the leering face of Buddy the present-chucking elf in the roster I can probably stand a killer clown or two.

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They are not stardust heroes. Your discussion is about event portals not those heroes. And there are plenty of topics on that already.

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My 10 pull got me all S1 heroes.
So wanted a holy 5* event hero

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Me too…faline eluded me

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