🧪 Early Information on New Springvale Gameplay & Rewards [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

Thank you for clarification, as I’m seeing posts on line groups to say otherwise

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V29 is already in beta? Wow.


Perhaps they’re confusing the previous Beta that accidentally briefly had Hero Academy in it.

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Thank you)

I want to get Lady Woolerton! (20 chars)


i was thinking World of Warcraft Troll Shaman

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Looks a bit deformed. :face_with_monocle:

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but is there any talk about decreasing the WE costs for this even a little bit? Especially with #playaparttogether going on? At the current costs, it will take 402 WE to complete the event I believe. (correct my math if this is wrong lol) If it is 2 weeks long as @zephyr1 said in the calendar thread, that means players need to spend on average about 29 WE per day on this event alone in order to finish in in a 2 week period. That is concurrent with all the random POV challenges and also overlap with Wonderland. Unless E&P is planning on gifting a bunch of free WE flasks in the near future? :wink:

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Will the bosses for each stage be added to the gameplay list of rewards at some point prior to the event starting?

I believe that @cap has something in the works which will be published soon :slight_smile:


Whoopi who want and what good is an avatar

I have been working on a layout as well, thus my question. Thank you for the reply.

Yes, and I actually have the graphics for it.

I’ll be publishing that tonight or tomorrow.


Would you like to see what I put together for this updated event?

Sure! I have the first thread up here: 🐰 Springvale 2020: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Starts April 6

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@zephyr1 as you already have posted the threads it seems to me that it is no longer being in tested.
What is being tested right? Do you know when they are going to release something new to test? (a new beta)
Thanks by the way!

@ierazo There’s a newer version of Beta Beat here: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v29) – ROUND 2 Costumes, May/June HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

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@zephyr1 it seems I did not explain myself properly, I know you guys are testing the new costumes and are in the second iteration of them, I was wondering if it was still open and if you know when they are planning to do a new testing , maybe with other things (like hero academy or the next red HOTM or maybe even the sand empire?)

You are asking about sand empire, and hero academy, and HOTMs…

How is this on-topic with the Springvale event?

Beta closed on Friday, from the second round of testing of the new Costumes.

I don’t know what’ll be in Beta next or when (or whether Costumes will have further testing), although we are expecting to see Hero Academy in Beta soonish, since it was briefly in Beta accidentally 3.5 weeks ago, before it was ready for testing.

I’d expect to see Sand Empire enter Beta by early next month too, presuming it’ll be in June again this year.

HOTM are typically tested in batches, so it’s likely we’ll see the next batch enter Beta in May or June, since up through June has already been in Beta.


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