🧪 Early Information on New Springvale Gameplay & Rewards [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

@zephyr1 it seems I did not explain myself properly, I know you guys are testing the new costumes and are in the second iteration of them, I was wondering if it was still open and if you know when they are planning to do a new testing , maybe with other things (like hero academy or the next red HOTM or maybe even the sand empire?)

You are asking about sand empire, and hero academy, and HOTMs…

How is this on-topic with the Springvale event?

Beta closed on Friday, from the second round of testing of the new Costumes.

I don’t know what’ll be in Beta next or when (or whether Costumes will have further testing), although we are expecting to see Hero Academy in Beta soonish, since it was briefly in Beta accidentally 3.5 weeks ago, before it was ready for testing.

I’d expect to see Sand Empire enter Beta by early next month too, presuming it’ll be in June again this year.

HOTM are typically tested in batches, so it’s likely we’ll see the next batch enter Beta in May or June, since up through June has already been in Beta.


It is curious then, as it seems like hose things should get tested in the future, so hopefully this time around brings the hero academy!
The other thing they could test is this new team alliance feature they said in the sneak peek, but do not think they will. Just wait for now!

Thanks @zephyr1

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Since the sand empire heroes, are “chess” pieces, I wonder what new heroes they could introduce to fit in to that family.


One way of getting arounf this is to implement “black” pieces or whatever :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I vote they add other game pieces… checkers, meeples, and the boot from Monopoly.

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Loooooove it! There is black sand come to think about it. :wink:

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The new version of Springvale has three 5*, two 4*, and two 3*.

The original version of Sand Empire matches that except for lacking a third 5* — so it’s possible they’ll only add one new 5*, and a Family Bonus.

So they’d only need to come up with one character that was fitting to be alongside the chess pieces.


I hope beta opens back up this week. Anxious to see if HA or new alliance features appear!

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Zephyr, any word on when beta might open again?

or at least july/august HoTMs and sand empire heroes to determine EHT usage and stuff.

No updates at the moment, no.

I don’t expect that will happen until June, or late May at the earliest. We’re going to have to decide on EHT usage based entirely on guesswork.

I used 5, but will keep the other 11 in reserve.

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I’ve seen previous months where up to 4 months ahead of HoTMs are revealed; we only have two atm, in may, it would be only a single one.

So I’m hopeful. Although not necessarily expecting.

HotM, sure. But I was talking about seasonal events (Sand Empire), just to be clear.

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Any updates if there will be new heroes for the Sand Castle? I’m saving my gems for it so if there is no updates, i might use it to other events.

There will be. They’re adding new heroes to all four seasonal events this year.


Yes, there will be.

As per @zephyr1 's post in another topic the new heroes will be tested in beta later this month.
Watch for later #beta-beat topics .for more more information


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