🧪 Early Information on New Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v40]

That’s encouraging. Both that the bonuses have been pared down to a more manageable level, and that they set up a rush war for you to test on. Respect for beta players!


Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Can imagine they are OP during rush wars, but at least manageable otherwise.


I heard of cosmetic changes, but this is ridiculous.
(in Maeve description).

The heroes still represent significant power creep over what we have right now, but I wouldn’t mind them entering the game in current condition.

Thx. It was a typo. I have fixed it.

Despite reading the entire post, I don’t know if the translator or what.
but I could not understand the new mana loading function.
I understood that all heroes are slow mana which means they need 12 tokens to activate.

Now how is it that they can go from slow to fast that I read out there.

Is it possible for a single hero from this event to go to mana quickly?
Anyone who can explain it simply would appreciate it.

I didn’t understand either
Stack (Max 10)
it means that after 10 turns it no longer works

If you have 3 different heroes from the family in your team, then you have 100% chance to gain +5% mana generation stack every turn, which guarantees you that all of your heroes will reach +50% mana generation in turn 10. (Or less if you fire the special skill)
+50 mana generation means that you slow hero will charge in 12 / 1.5 = 8 turns so they will be fast.

If you have 2 different heroes only from the family, then the chance for gaining mana stack is only 75% so in average you need 10/0.75 = 13.33 turns to each +50 mana generation for your heroes.

If you have only 1 hero from the family, then the chance is the only 50% for gaining stack. So in average you need 10/0.5 = 20 turns to reach +50% mana generation.

Stack (max 10) means that that is maximum number of stack.
So you can not receive more (Eg: +55% mana generation).
This stack will stay on your heroes until some of the opponent’s heroes remove it. (Eg: Lepiota or Skadi)


811-755 makes 56. Can’t you see the danger?!!

According to my calculations, a slow mana hero with 50% extra mana charge charges in 8 turns, which is fast mana but I can’t understand the sum
If each hero gives 5% and we put 3 heroes it is = 15% extra mana for each one and since there are 3 it gives 45% not 50

The mana increase and heal is based on the stacks, not the number of heroes. Each hero can get up to 10 stacks.

I think I found typo in OP. I believe Orla’s second skill is 460% instead of 230%.


During rush war/tournament, what would happen to the mana speed boost for these heroes?

They are already charging in 6.5 tiles to begin with. Would that mean after a few turns, they could charge in 3 or 4 tiles potentially?

Apology if this question is already answered above.


Thx, yes it was a typo.
I have fixed the OP.
Now it shows 460%.

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@Zathrus is correct.
If you have 3 unique family heroes then you have 100% chance to get +5% mana generation stacks for all of your Slayer heroes. And you can get 10 stacks so 5 * 10 = 50% is the max.

The same +50% stack can be received if you have less than 3 unique heroes, but it might take longer to reach it due to that it is not guaranteed to receive a stack each turn.

In rush wars:

  • Two stacks needed to charge in 6 tiles without any buffs or talents or troops
  • Six stacks needed to charge in 5 tiles without any buffs or talents or troops
  • In order to charge in 4 tiles you need 62.5% mana generation increase. You can get 50% from stacks, and the rest can be received from buffs and talents and troops.
  • Charging in 3 tiles is no longer possible after the nerf in the stacks.

So, there will be a limit to how fast they can attack right? Like event or tourney wise with very fast mana, when they are at a very fast level, they wont be able to go past that very fast tile marker right? That would kill tourneys etc. for people that don’t have these heroes. Why the division? How is that going to work? Sounds like an extreme imbalance. Hopefully they do actually change.

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These heroes will take Alfrike’s crown and also will be a pain in the ■■■.
I wish more than ever separate wars for p2w and f2p


As I mentioned in my previous comments. They can be faster than very fast in very fast tournaments or wars.
Charge speed is reachable without any troops, talents and buffs.
You can go above that with troops, talents and troops.


Would love to pull Saiorse so I can cancel Wilbur off my titan team lol

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Anyone else feel this way…

the illustrations of the characters are very special. I find that the design does not correspond at all to the rest of the game.

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