🧪 Early Information on New Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v40]

Um, they said they DO play it (although one is taking a “short break”). At least read it so you can disagree with them without misrepresenting them.


I think that you forget the limit breakers. Now sum 1+1. New OP heroes plus LB. You will need a hell of a board to kill them. And even the hell board could not be enough if there is Mother North in the defense team.

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In a bit more than 5 months it will probably not ‘just’ be Mother North but rather Mother North with costume at level 85 (or 90?)… :flushed:

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When I’ve said they don’t play it I meant they said they don’t play it too much, obviously, just like they’ve stated. But good luck trying to defend Zynga that’s some heavy work.

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So, when will they rebalanced Tellytubby and Vela back to their original form? It’s not like they’re OP compared to ninjas S3, S4 or Slayers🙄


Pfft, now you’re misrepresenting me too. Trying to defend the truth (i.e. what the interviewees said - I have no idea whether they were telling the truth when they said it mind you!) is not trying to defend the policy. If you did indeed mean to say “they don’t play it too much”, that’s fair enough. However, even if they played it non-stop in every leisure moment we might still disagree with their conclusions. I mean, everyone on this forum is a player or an ex-player and yet there’s plenty of room for argument!

It would be interesting to know who apparently keeps telling the devs that new content is far more important than QOL improvements - and who thought up that dreadfully naff title for the latest event :roll_eyes: If it’s the same person, no fate is too bad for them.


I see your point now. I have zero intention to argue with other players (because we are the “victims”).

They said in the interview, more than once, that they don’t play the game very often. That pissed me off. How somebody who isn’t fully applied to the game wants to be so sure of yourself to change everything (or don’t change anything) from the game?!?!

Balancing heroes based ONLY in raid win/lose rates? A total joke.

They will never buff Quintus’ weak as* then since nobody uses him in diamond, for example.

But they still don’t nerf high success heroes. LOL.

Not mentioning Telluria mess they never even said an apology for their greedy and stubborn.

I think this is what I’ve meant with “they don’t even play” that somehow sounded like a lie - and it would be if I was meaning that.

Yet they’re so confident in spamming events and heroes while we are here like clowns asking please balance some heroes because raids are unbearable, for example. That interview gave me chills and I’m 100% unmotivated because they show no regret or understand our positions and I’m sad for us. Not only for me. I dislike being seen like a opinionless clown wallet instead of a costumer who is constantly supporting their crap work. They speak like they don’t even read what we or beta testers write.


Is there any eta of this heroes, this seams like a good pull instead of kings of avalon event. 8 th month maybe?

probably not this month, august, maybe

There pocket books tell them new content is number one

QOL doesnt pay but the players continue to prove new content and new heroes does

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They will come with Custome. :frowning:

This was asked in the Q&A topic, and SG answered that they are not planning to do it…

Due to the summer break this might come later in September, but there is no official information about this.

Hopefully they won’t silently released this Hero without considering another Beta Testing, just like that Salmon who’s become famous now. Lol

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Salmon loki was tested in Beta twice…
I do not recall anything which was released before a second round of testing.

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Beyond a bit, SG team playing a lot / medium / or less means nothing much. How they manage & present this game is the key.

It is clear, that they have got good enough knowledge about things (game structure, heroes, events, etc), both present & future… which is the key for players.

SG has beta testing mechanism to do the practical applications which gives them loads of data / info to analyse = improve understanding !!

Practically, it is impossible to please everybody… & one can easily see, even 2 people can’t agree…

I have faced ONLY +20 emblems since I reached diamond with my 4100+TP team… while today, I still have less than 7-8 emblem nodes on most heroes with only 4 above that & top defence @ 4550 TP… However, I don’t complain about powerful defences, bcoz that’s how the game will be, with players from different start timelines…!!

I simply enjoy various combo plays, bcoz, the BOARD is the key & my GUESSWORK of the heroes to take for that PLAY !!
Hence constant complaining is NOT practical / realistic & will only pull my mood down. I do get disappointed with results of raids & wars… but that is part of the experience !!

How much I participate / engage is totally upto to me as a player, hence I am not able to see how to blame SG !!

I could go on… but I am sure my fellow players get the point…
Please think!! complaints are a never ending pit… while seeking out creative ways to play / engage with this game / any other I chose is totally upto me…!!

Also, me writing my experience above doesn’t make me an SG supporter but only a detached player / person, who understand what is practical / real & what is emotionally blind - at times impractical, in / for the game / commercially… which drives all decisions
In the end, I am incharge of the : ON / OFF switch !!

Good day :slight_smile:

While I mostly agree with the ‘‘healthy approach’’ to playing a game, you described,

complaints arent that bad also… its incentive for SG to change or improve the game to potentialy avoid loosing their player base…

And improvements to the games are beneficial to both parties :wink:


I am not against COMPLAINTS at all.
Its the chronic complaining / distrust in everything & anything that is said / introduced in the game, is what I have spoken about in my previous comment.

Feedback / suggestions / sharing of INFO are most welcome & I have learnt a LOT from this forum’s discussions that help me improve my play = more FUN & also help make the game / experience better = FUN !!


I gotcha. So, if you don’t like the direction of the game, don’t complain, just quit?

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Or read the reply above you.


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