🧪 Early Information on New Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v40]

These stacks are added automatically to all Slayers family heroes at the end of each turn if you bring at least 3 family heroes…

Then even Skadi can’t counter that :joy::joy::joy: mana Generation stack. (Only for one or maybe more turn if it successfully killed Minions)
Cause each turn the Family got random Stack which can be Mana or HP… or both??? (I don’t know)


If you get any stack (which is guaranteed if you bring at least 3 heroes), then you get both stacks…

Fortunalely we have Undead horde war type :smiley:
Where minions guaranteed :smiley:

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If… Only… They put all Slayer of Fell Shadow Heroes there (which i know it won’t happened… Maybe lol)

Then Skadi will only help to reset the stack for only… 1 turn

Thanks again to clarify that the Family Bonus add HP and Mana Generation together. Damn that’s kinda scary and bit OP. It’s like you got 10 Turns before they turned to OP V.Fast Heroes + 200HP healing Each Turn.

Which is scary nowadays with Tank like Freya or Bera, most of the Raid will take more that take cause of the Minions provide extra HP to others. (Not yet assuming Bad / Good Board)

Probably they won’t be very useful in Equalizer cause the stack is also removed.
Other than that… They should really consider it first and lots of testing before putting this sh** in Real game lol

P.S. Be wise to spend your money guys XD


the speed of these new heroes is completely insane. and giving these heroes a 2 stack, or a 3 stack upon skill activation, is way too much. Makes Yang Mai nearly obsolete. Charging in 3 tiles will change the game completely


Or give them a family bonus !

Like: Drinking Buddies: -20/-30/-40 accuracy for 2/3/4 heroes on the field. Because more buddies means more drinking :rofl:


I kinda wish there was one (or max, five) new heroes being introduced here. I’m startled each time a new pile of heroes is introduced now, because im still trying to learn all the names/stats of the last group from 5 minutes ago. :grin:

me speaking as a player, not a mod


I’m so looking forward for the next challenge event heroes.
(Challenge event name) Family - Bonus for 1/2/3/4/5 heroes: automatically kill at the beginning of the battle 1/2/3/4/5 heroes from enemy team.


Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see the big deal when it comes to stacks. I can hardly ever do a two or three stack using Victor or Valeria, therefore assumption that all players will be able to have +10 stacks quickly is wrong. Those heroes are still slow in the beginning, before they get better, your opponent might be already defeated by other specials or tiles.

Just my two cents.


Fair point. This is the reason many aren’t that keen on Yang Mai and Mireweave, because it takes longer than the average battle to build enough stacks to make a difference.

We’ll have to see what they look like next iteration. They’ll probably be gutted to nothing. And then back to OP again, like yo-yos.

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From what I’m seeing in BETA the stacks are pretty easy to get unless you bring a lone event hero plus, Halloween’s DoT stacking heroes have nothing to do with the stack (either buff or debuff) mechanic.

And unlike Yang Mai and Mireweave wich gain “power” these ones have already powerful skills and gains “speed” and health generation, much better for certain battle formats and very much better on defense.


A hero alone isnt a big problem, but when there are 3 they’ll get Family bonus, isnt it 100% chance get +10% mana stack and 20 heal stack at the end of each turn, max to 10 stack, mean they’ll get +100% mana generation and 200 HP every turn after 10 turns (+ mana even sooner) Or I understand it wrong?

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Wrong if you have 3 of them they will stack very very quickly. Just add a freya/bera for survability and a taunt or cKadiken and their is no way to win without an OP board…

Well either way they are still in beta and there will be adjustments. No need to worry ahead :woman_shrugging:t2:


Bingo - seems vastly overpowered, especially for the whales who can afford to catch them all.


These are event heroes that are the same tiered as Avalon and the likes right? So why is this family getting the special treatment of stacks and passives? Are the new magic tower heroes the same as well?

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Not much to add to previously added comments about these heroes absolutely dumpstering rush attack events.

SGG, for the love of God, if you are going to make a scaling gimmick, at least make the specials bad for their initial speed.
Right now the majority of these is actually good at slow (by far better than most existing slow heroes), and becomes oppressively overpowered at v.fast.

If the Telly + 4 fast heroes meta placed you on a soft 8-turn timer that you could mitigate by individual mana control and staggering the specials, these heroes EACH put you on a hard 10-turn timer, after which not only will you be nuked from orbit, but will also be unable to kill any of these faster than they regen.

Not much room for gameplay when you’re limited to 10 moves per attack.


And they even had the balls to say the game IS balanced in that questions and answers that was a pure joke. They literally said they don’t even play the game but they know everything about it and we are delusional. Unbelievable.

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I finally understand their concept of balance. We always thought that balance is balance of power but what they actually think is balance of usage. Quintus is very weak compared to non-S1 (like a baby compared to this new hero) but hundreds of thousand of players in low tier use them so they don’t bother to buff him.

And obviously… the balance of their paycheck…


While some heroes keep almost unbeatable and they pretend they’re blind. Yeah. Lol. Why bother with heroes that can’t make profit.

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