🧪 Early Information on New Slayers of Fell Shadows Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v40]

These heroes will be ok in regular wars, raids, and tourneys…but VF format will be stupid. Afrike already broke VF, but these heroes added to her will make it unplayable. The VF format needs scrapped in my opinion and made to be “average speed” for all instead.



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Think about getting a couple of off color healers with this bunch. It will be scary and yes, even more so in VF wars. I’m trying to get my whole alliance to opt out of those redonculus wars


Both Villians and then Circus were pretty nuts OP in beat but toned down on release.

I’ll reserve judgment until I see them “in the wild” so to speak


I am just sad that they continue to introduce new challenge events without the Rare 3 WE 1 stage and most likely with trainer heroes in the portals again. Less and less good stuff for f2p or c2p players. Yes, they are aiming for the ones already well hooked and willing to spend constantly.

Edit: With so many new heroes churned out constantly, it will be extremely fun to watch whales making decisions and mistakes which broken money-chased 5* to break :slight_smile:


Thanks Chadmo! :slight_smile: I just think it’s very important. It’s probably why The Atlantis story drove me mental! :laughing:

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The storylines of E&P in general are extremely bad. There are a lot of older PC games with a great storyline. Seems like no one nowadays wants to invest in anything more than good graphics and sound effects.

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They should apply as much RNG in the storyline as they do in the rest of the game. It would probably make for a more coherent and compelling story


I really wish they WOULD invest better in the storylines. Albeit, I did enjoy their ‘twist’ on Ragnarok, the Atlantis story was all over the place, and the ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ one is already feeling very repetitive. :roll_eyes:


3 legendaries in your def and you have a broken defense :confused:

SG shoud lower price of gems as mostly players head spinning seeing too many offers in a day and beyond majority budget …if sg just focus on new heroes for money grab likt this event , i think the end of enp is near…


Thx for spotting it. I have copied the names from Staff’s announcement about the heroes, but it looks like they mistyped it there. In the game the spelling is correct.
I have fixed it in the OP.

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I will try to check it…

Update I have checked it.

Congratulations @CHENZ
You have found the counter for these new heroes mana generation stack.

If these new heroes have their stack, then if Skadi kills a minion or one of your heroes, then the mana generation increase stack is removed from them, and Skadi’s ana generation decrease stack will be applied to them.

But on the other hand. If you have Skadi’s mana generation, and the family bonus or the special skill
is fired for these new heroes, then Skadi’s stack is removed, and the new mana generation stack is applied on the heroes.

The current healing stack is very powerful (+200 HP / turn at stack 10).
I have run against a high emblemed team vs the unemblemed set of event 5 star heroes.
I had to flee, because the opponent was unable to weaken my heroes’ HP bellow 1000 HP for more than 1-2 seconds so that Skadi could not kill anybody…
I had to bring a Bera instead of one of them to summon minions to have something for Skadi to kill.
So if you do not bring a minion summoner just these new heroes, then most likely Skadi will never remove your heroes stack…


thanks for checking and thinking of this counter @CHENZ @PlayForFun

Now… all I need to do is actually summon Skadi . lol! Oh but wait, Valhalla Forever loot will never improve… never mind… :sweat_smile:


Another new event with another new summon portal. Shocker. Might as well wait a few months and see what the next 3 new event portals have to offer.


Oh well but the problem now the Family Bonus which 100% add stack when you put 3 Heroes :man_facepalming::sweat_smile: after their turn end.
And you need few turns to Skill Skadi :joy:

Big thanks to @PlayForFun for checking it out. :+1::+1:

One question tho. Is the Family Bonus for each turn, add :

  1. all Heroes after one turn end (which is not i guess)
  2. All Family Heroes that you bring in battle.
  3. To 1 Random Family Heroes only for each turn
  4. To 1 Random Heroes regardless Family or Just Vanilla Heroes

I have Skadi and just get enough telescope from the quest today (still hoping for Miki in next AR though…).

But doesn’t Skadi have to kill to get the stack while this Slayers only need to cast?

Gonna enjoy taking these on with my maxed out Skadi! :kissing_heart:

But also, thank you SG for going with an Irish theme for this new event too! I’m… slightly ashamed to admit that as an Irish person myself, I don’t recognise some of the names? :sweat_smile:

Ah well, it’ll be good craic taking on these mad af new heroes!


No problemo! :slight_smile:

The only name this Irish woman doesn’t recognise is Baril. :joy: I mean, where did that even come from! Rian is Welsh, I believe. I know a few Senan’s.
I’m holding out for them scrapping this and going with my suggestion of an entire season based on Irish Mythology. Lol


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