🧪 Early Information on New Season of Love Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

Hmmm…maybe I should rethink my understanding of the passive

Since I won’t be pulling for these heroes I’m interested in knowing about the rewards

How many ETT, EHT, emblems, trainers and rare ascension mats will we get for completing?

Will it be 20 stages like Morlovia or Springvale or just 10 stages like LNY event?

Looking forward to 4th of July heroes

Wow, really, CUPIDO ? a FAST hit THREE with “MINDLESS ATTACK” ailment that will HEAL YOU?

And the odd to get this specific hero is? 0,8% / 3 so its less than 0,27% chance. :dollar: :moneybag: :chart:

Great business model here. Good luck, players.

GF asked me last night so I had a go.
My guess is :

January Lunar New Year
February Valentine
March Paddy’s Day
April Springvale
May- June Sands
June Summer Solstice portal
June - July Kalevala
August Summer Break
September ???
October Morlovia
November none cos it’s Black Friday time
December Xmas

Funny thing is LNY dates change seeing as how it’s based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Timing is about average this year. It can swing back to early Feb next year or toward to mid Jan.

And drumroll… first day for 2024 is 10 Feb 2024. 18 days for that clashes with Valentine 2024, unless Zynga doesn’t give a toot and still stick LNY in January 2024. Interesting times ahead.

Is it actually mindless attack though or a completely different ailment? Can a unit be inflicted with both Mindless Attack and Healing Gift?

It is like Mindless attack, just the effect is different.

An enemy can have only one of them.
If an enemy has this Healing Gift, and you target it with Mindless attack debuff, then it will replace the Healing Gift.

As Brazilian I want a Carnival seasonal event

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Sounds good. Would that be Mardi Gras ? I am not familiar with SA. And When would that be ?

A global spread of seasonal events sounds great.

At this rate, I wonder if there’ll be a seasonal event for March with St. Patrick’s Day… please god no… :sweat_smile:

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Why not ? Some free 4 star ascension materials, Epic hero tokens, etc… are always welcomed from me :slight_smile:


True but it’s just the kinds of heroes they might come up with that gives me dread. Being irish myself, my expectations are low… please no lucky charms bs, SG!

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Only three heroes I can think of. Yellow Moons, Green Clovers and Blue Diamonds!

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What is the cost in this portal?
What kind of coins?

Happy gaming

If it’s seasonal, should be EHT

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Epic Hero Tokes can be used for pulling. I will publish the Event related topic today with all details.


Thank you! So much work. :coffee::bouquet:


now to spend EHTs on the lunar new year heroes for the passive or on this? Not pulling LNY until Feb, i don’t need to risk getting a 4th roughian and nurgib

None. Let’s wait for the season festival with heroes from all seasonal events

I wonder what other seasonal we’ll have. Will there be one every month?