🧪 Early information on New Season 3 (Valhalla) Hero -- Salmon Loki (again)

I want Odin and ratatoskr. They will improve my roster so much. So according to the RNG gods, of course I’m getting salmon loki

Don’t eat it straight away - there’s a miniscule chance it could turn out to be useful. Maybe.

The fish, I will find somewhat useful, just not hopeful that something will be done to improve this fish

I’m fairly sure you’re right about that. It may not even be intended to be very useful, just quirky. Well it certainly is that!

Why… what is wrong with baldur and skadi?

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Baldur’s not exactly Gefjon. Not even Tyr really. Not completely terrible but there are better reds to catch at Valhalla.

Skadi’s OK but easily replacable. Can’t see myself saving and throwing gems at portal only to get her when she’s featured.

They are far from Valhalla’s superstars, definitely not enough to carry Salmon Loki’s useless sorry fishbone.

I guess we can agree to disagree here. Baldur to me is much much better than tyr - I have both and tyr is basically benched. Skadi is like a semi guaranteed win vs summoners or in minion wars… even outside of that her hit is decent and turns into a quasi snipe with less heroes on thr board. she is the very definition of a superstar.


I hope Salmon Loki will be featured together with Tyr and Skadi because I already get them. :rofl:

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He’ll be with Odin and Ratatoskr…

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  • What’s a hero that you thought would hit it off well with the player base but ended up ignored?
    • JOEL: Norns is one that I knew was a niche hero suitable for specific situations but it never really hit off. At the time I made the design there were a lot of defense teams that had a purple or yellow tank accompanied by 2 flanks of the opposite element so I wanted to make a hero that was really good in those battles. Sadly when Norns came out the meta had shifted and there weren’t many of those teams to fight in raids.

I wonder what silly logic they have with Salmon Loki.

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Something mischievous and silly?

Use case: no greens 5* tourney. Defense has mono blue including frida. Cast salmon loki just after she casts to render her elemental defense down mainly useless?

And yes, I am reaching. … finding it hard to.believe he will be released like this


Imagine if salmon loki would to follow some of G Cham’s skills. Removes status effects every turn for 3 rounds as the enemies changes colour. Now that would be a deal breaker. He would be the most important hero to pull

Well, if anyone can find a way to make use of the fish, you are that player!


Thank you… I think you have officially just cursed me to get him/her/it


Could work the opposite way, i.e. you get all interested in how you might be able to use it and then you can’t. I’d call that a win-win - of sorts.

Anyway, the best thing about fish is they can be eaten.

Are we even sure the fish is in the game? Cuz patch notes for v39 say nil about including it in the game and I seriously hope some redesing is on the table because compared to this Noor looks like A+++ hero. I would like to say SGG rushed it, but just rushing it does not explain this abomination. There was most likely a long party until late night involved and the design had to be made next morning, otherwise I don’t get it.


Hope you are right. This special skill of this fish is easily one of the worst among all heroes if not the worst.

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