🧪 Early information on New Season 3 (Valhalla) Hero -- Salmon Loki (again)

I’d take most of my purple 4* heroes over that salmon…

Just for comparison: Mok’Arr is average too, does 270 % damage against all enemies except purple + extra damage to Holy. The 50 % damage to non-dark allies doesn’t hurt much. And the shark guy widely considered a sub-par hero…

If Salmon Loki’s should really affect only yellow enemies, it must either be considerably higher than Mok’Arr’s 270 % or cast some sort of buff/debuff, otherwise he’s a joke.


WTF is this hero? Easily the worst designed hero I’ve seen. Only damages holy? When is this guy EVER going to be useful? Color flip? Novelty that usually helps the other team if on defense and if on offense, what’s the point? Stacked against tank and flank? Whoops, now those are the strong color against what you brought. Seriously a bad hero. Needs scrapped entirely IMO.


If he comes your way, don’t eat him. He may turn out to be the absolute sine qua non in the (imaginary) future event: RAINBOW WARS!

And also what does this even mean? It is such a complicated rule for a novelty effect

Read Comment #1, I try to explain it as best I can.

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As I read it, that would mean your hero starts blue (say) but Loki changes you to something else for two turns, then you go back to blue. You don’t stick at the new colour and go forward from there, you just go back to what you were - until Mr Fish fires again. I think.

This description says that “for 2 turns element is changed to a random different element”. Does this mean red can become purple due to the randomness, or does it cycle through red, green, blue as with other heros? I don’t think “random” is used with other color changers.

Yes. Red can changed to purple…

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So, he does damage only to holy enemies. BUT after the attack the enemies change element to something else. So the planning of bringing the hero because of the element are nil after using his special once, because the elements are now changed and you have zero influence on to which element. But who needs synergy, eh?

At least C. Chameleon has fixed pattern for changing elements, and Norns just turn strength into weakness. But this? The only use is to put the fish on defense and perplex attackers.

OT: By the way I stand corrected that SGG has something against birds. Emilio has a bird and he’s awesome. But that bird is a Phoenix so yeah.

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They should change that he deals extra dmg to holy, not just holy…


Lord and Lady Loki tried for years to have a child and never managed, so they adopted a fish. They could at least have chosen Fafnir the Chubby Caterpillar-like Dragon.


In that case might as well just increase the numbers. Same outcome with less confusion.

I finally figured out a use for this hero!

You can put it in HA10 and be guaranteed that you will get a better one out.


dealing dmg to only one colour is a new mechanic whereas extra dmg to specific element has a long history :slight_smile:

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He doesn’t do anywhere near enough damage to be limited to only one element!

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I will seriously think quitting the game if I pull this monstrosity . Are you trying to balance the Freya Bera Odin Frigg OPness with bringing the worst Hero ever?

If they change the deal damage to Kill instantly Holy Enemies then I’m fine with that. At least he is useful to just execute one Holy Enemies.

Thank you

And hope to execute more if you are able to cast during the element change

Reading this thread I got a sudden urge to research Surströmming. Strangely fitting. (Not Finnish though.)

What sense of releasing a hero that we’ll end up catching trying Odin and we’ll get mad.
Troll Hero. They are playing with our faces.


Are they really going to release Salmon Loki in VF tomorrow?

I think they should have just made Surtur or Ymir the additional Season 3 hero instead.


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