🧪 Early information on New Season 3 (Valhalla) Hero -- Salmon Loki (again)

Which he should have been in the villains roster in the first place. Such wasted potential.


I feel like we have an abundance of ahem “tentacles” in this game already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s never too little tentacles :smirk:
But anyways back to dissecting this useless fish

I would say, he makes for a really fun event boss. I had a lot of fun playing against chameleon.
He is definitely an anti mono hero that can mess the enemy around a lot on defence. But he has an element of a gamble to it. And since it has rng factors, the payouts need to be good. A minor damage like 126 is not going to justify this colour change effect
Some suggestions to make him viable to his niche.

  • increase the damage to 400-500+. There is a 20% chance for the enemy to receive huge amounts of damage every turn

  • make his colour change undispellable

Administrative issues include changing a new element and talent class. And also for the realm, would prefer svartalheim since alfrike is the only 5* there


What is this, a new 2* hero ?
He could be very fast and i wouldn’t care.

He needs random damage to all per turn or mana stop or something, anything…

When he is released, June? Unless he is a pride month freebie, I’m not interested.


Purple Monk, Vanaheim realm.

Salmon Loki or Bera? Salmon Loki or Bera? Salmon Loki or Bera?



@Zathrus Agwe is “Chameleon Shaman” not fish. :slightly_smiling_face: In fact, I think Agwe is pretty good in 4* tournament defense at flank when combo with lower def all target (C TIburtus, Wilbur, C Kiril). I think he is at least better than Gadeirus and Sumitomo.

For me, I don’t know why I get total 5 Sumitomo, 2 Gadeirus, 2 Proteus but don’t any Agwe from S2 summon ? It is pretty weird.

@rho I think SG devs have obsession with “Loki” more, Lady Loki, then Lord Loki, and now Salmon Loki. I wonder what is the next, maybe Octopod Loki (and yes, his skill will be rearrange enemy with his 8 arms for 3 turns) :rofl:

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This kind of hero were needed for SGG to troll us:
Player: “I need a 5* purple tank for my war, Valhalla only have Bera, Freya and Alfrike, sweet!”
SGG: “You wish :smirk:

SG has a problem because they have 17 heroes for S3 and each month the Valhalla Forever features 3.

Currently, only 5 heroes were never featured during Valhalla Forever (after they moved from 1 featured to 3): Lord Loki, Odin, Skadi, Baldur and Ratatoskr. If they want to have a set cycle of 3 featured and not have to manually adjust it every month, they are missing 1 hero. Else one month would only have 2 featured or some hero would be double-featured.

So since they already paid for a design of Salmon Loki card (and I’ll be honest, after seeing it now in beta I have no doubts why it was scrapped at first - it’s single most awful hero artwork ever) they just need to add a coding to it. It’s cheapest solution to the problem they encountered. Now I just hope it won’t be this useless concept presented. Fingers crossed for this abomination.


When this salmon is eventually featured, they should at least put lord, lady and salmon Loki together. Best to the worse :rofl:


We already saw Lady Loki featured, and from Beta Lord Loki was with Odin and Ratatoskr. So I am pretty sure they will be spread :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, a VF event with Salmon, Baldur and Skadi would be probably the worst of them all by a league.

Like tested in beta, if after he cast doesn’t appear any yellow enemy, then you lose your chance and a slot to use a better and more useful hero :man_shrugging:

So not a fish character, just a fish?? Who the hell wants a damn fish as a hero? Did someone in SG loose a bet or something? Or did one of their kids suggest this during “take your kids to work day” and tantrums or divorce will result unless the hero was made. I’m sorry, this is an embarrassing idea for a hero, a damn fish!!


WTF is that, a new S3 hero half a year after s3 ended ? and a useless/troll hero ?
hey guys its 1st june, not 1st april, you re late


They also have something against birds as well. Noor sucks, Guardian Owl is universally considered the worst 5*, Roc is terrible … Falcon is ok but he doesn’t look like a falcon so he doesn’t count :upside_down_face: .


Just when I think SG couldn’t do anything worse…


That dumb and dumber Pic is totally fitting and hilarious!!! Why small giant why?? There is so many underwhelming hero’s already , you think we need a hero that is almost worthless??? This hero straight up sucks. After releasing season 4 power creeps you then turn around and after releasing all these powerful season 4 hero’s then you about-face and go the totally opposite direction and release a hero nobody would be happy to get?? I’d rather use a trainer hero and fight with it!!! What a idiotic idea and whomever thought up this ■■■■■■■■ special should be fish slapped!!!


Can’t compare to Chameleon. Chameleon is heavily underrated, they cleanse away taunts and defense buffs and add a huge attack and crit bonus to your whole team.

This Salmon loki to me compares more to mokkar


Another sad news!
I’m becoming to think… Real heroes are the people who maintain their will to keep playing a game that are developed by a team that simply don’t care about players.
Sad, but true…

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This is the only thing I hope i wont get during my S3 pool.

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