🧪 Early information on New Season 3 (Valhalla) Hero -- Salmon Loki (again)

Wait, is this legit!? They bringing the Salami back!?

I seriously cant believe this is true. Why the heck would you bring a new hero 6-7 months after Valhalla is over. And a hero that really SUCKS BIG TIME.
Who would even summon again? I would break my phone if I pulled this Salmon hero.
Come SG on get it together and just make the game fun again.


For some reason I really want this fish.


I wonder if Salmon Loki is just going to be a default testing hero until they get the design of a different hero.

I’m only saying this because of Bera. Maybe we’ll see this change again? Maybes it’s easy to change Salmon Loki’s skill while the hero is built rather than building a new hero first?


I think i would give gems just not to see this hero. Bad special.

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Beta Update:

Salmon Loki changes:

  • Class changed from Monk to Druid
  • Realm change from Vanahei mto Niflheim
  • Direct damage increased from 195% to 225%

So as I can not edit @Guvnor 's post here is how the hero card looks now:

Salmon Loki Beta Info & Stats (Extremely Likely to Change)

Gender: N/A… is a fish…
Power: 788

Attack: 745
Defense: 751
HP: 1376

Element: Dark :new_moon: (Purple)

Class: Monk Druid
Family: Vanaheim Niflheim

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skill: Trickster’s Transformation

  • Deals 195% 225% damage to all Holy enemies.
    All enemies change their element every turn for 3 turns. For 2 turns element is changed to a random different element, and on the last turn element is changed to the original element. Deals 126 damage to Holy enemeis each turn.

So you stick him, Norns and Chameleon together to make sure all characters pass through a holy phase and get the damage… bring Ursena along… that’s about as far as my imagination goes at this point.


Initial damage needs be to all enemies to make this hero somewhat useful.


You just need to bring heroes that can deal extra damage to certain elements. Like for gravemaker, you will hope the enemies turn into green to maximise his damage.

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Ah yes, that makes sense.

I’m thinking, then, this is a deliberate novelty hero with very niche use to amuse players who have it all, did it all, and are getting bored with running cookie-cutter “best” teams. It would be a fascinating challenge for those with their brains switched on. Sadly this excludes me.

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He requires a lot of timing and advance tactics to work like for example with mitsy and ursena’s shield. Now every hero outside of blue and yellow has the potential to have their attacking specials backfiring and getting reflected.
He’s fun as a novelty hero but not conventionally applicable. His DOT needs to be way more for him to be viable

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And luck. So much luck.

I’ll not pull when he’s featured.

I honestly won’t mind it if I pull him. It’s not the end of the world because I’m one of those people that can just think of barely functioning combinations that works incredibly well on paper, but not practical on application. He fits that niche for me. But I won’t be wasting feeders and ultimately tabards on him until they buff that damage

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I’ll update these ones tomorrow morning thanks :kiss:


Thank you @Guvnor ! :slight_smile:

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Still not even close to have some use in pvp.
C’mon guys

Next month s3 ( Salmon Loki. Odin N Rataskor )
we hope get Odih. Then… booomm. Salmon loki. Lol.


They better iron out salmon by then, he is clearly not ready yet. But I will still pull, only because I want Odin

Even if they make Salmon Loki until 250% I’m still not buying it.
Sorry to say. Worst S3 Hero.

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I’m hard pressed to think of a 5 that’s worse, period. Thoth is better. Norns is way better. I’d take Obakan over this.


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