🧪 Early Information on New Santa's Challenge Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v53]

sorry this part I do not agree with you.

but the zynga way/style for nerf and buff you say I agree. Not about hero

agree or disagree but the way things look is the xmas portal isnt even close to what this current portal is. The only way they will get people to pull from the xmas portal is to give them a reason. My EHTs are all gonna accumulate and I’ll be passing on the xmas portal. Its not even close for quality

The underwhelming December HotM won’t help. If they don’t release a banger HotM for January, they will have missed an opportunity to convince some folks to pull, I think.


And yet Carol will be the only Christmas hero that wont give minions :joy:


Those are so underwhelming that I’ve just spent my last 7 EHT for 7 Dawas in Morlovia portal.
I do need Krampus and Pengi but I doubt they will be featured and I’m in fear of getting this new crap

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You mean 0.07 of your favorite Fated Summon hero! :slight_smile:

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It’s some excuse to nerf a hero - maybe not even related to reality

As for Xnolphod they might fix this thing on the event and not on the hero but they preferred nerfing the hero (actually they just didn’t manage to sell new heroes that’s the reason for the nerf and not all the bla bla that they wrote)

good evening everyone, the new christmas heroes are not bad, their real power is underestimated, august his flaw is that he is slow, if he had been average it would have been better (even so it would be fine) better than other slow curators, peppermint not even she and evil could increase the damage to balance it with other heroes of various colors, good and effective tinsel if there are color shields on the field, for me some improvement and they are top, unfortunately we players are waiting for the christmas event 1 year with anxiety precisely because we expect top heroes (as in the morlovia event), then when you already see the statistics and their skills you are disappointed compared to the past releases of the same event, I hope for small improvements

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Why cram weak minions on these heroes after Skadi was in soul exchange and she can gobble up two of these off of each hero, feels like a lame add in especially after nerfing the family bonus so much. This portal used to be one of the better ones but now it look way worse than Halloween and Kullerva.


Augustus is like a bit better version of Lidenbrock. And he needs 8 tiles to get the full 930 health.

You are forgetting Lindebrock is technically fast hero on offense with passive mana, and average speed hero on defense :wink:

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Probably too late to ask this but will the new Christmas heroes be available in HA10 this year or no?

I have asked it in Beta 22 days ago, but I still have not received a more precise answer than this from @Saanzi or other Staff members:

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Except for Tinsel I’m not impressed by any of these heroes

I’ll be chasing Mother North

She’s slow but at least is an amazing reviver

Augustus boosting at least 690 at slow isn’t impressive but I like cleanse first healers

Let’s see how the will look like in the releasing

Augustus was very good in beta. Huge heal. I’d love to nab him.

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