🧪 Early Information on New Sand Empire Hero & Family [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Van Helsing could be holy though.

This, in particular, makes me happy, as my realistic targets are Gafar and Jabbar. That gives me an expected chance to land one of them in 25 pulls, if I remember statistics correctly. (Long time ago.)

A shame that both June and July HotM are lightly regarded. I have enough mats for one blue and one red. I have Elena ready to ascend when I finish Marjana, so I’d have a debate between her and Noor. I like healers, but Raffale is slow, and there’s always the chance that any day TC 20 could give me Richard, Magni, or Isarnia, all of whom look better than Raffale. Still not sure whether to pull in June or July, for this or costumes (coming up on 3,000 gems).

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I’m in the same boat. I have more than enough healers even for 6 war stacks (Ratatoskr, Ariel, Vivica, Kunchen, C Boldtusk, C Rigardx2, and Aegir + Telluria who somewhat serve that purpose too…). Raph would be a benchmaster forever (especially with Fenrir, Misandra, Miki, C Richard waiting for the scopes…). And as for Noor, my anti-Telly stack is as good as it gets already… and can’t see uses for her against other minion creators (well, the seasonal ladder during Christmas is usually PITA that she could definitely help with, but that’s very situational).

But I think I’ll lean toward July, considering who I need less and which color has longest queue with my other heroes…

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Same. I hope to get Palossand, I mean Jabbar. Have Hisan and Arman, so done with 3*.

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I forget about the rare and legendary, but unlike springvale, due to the number of heroes, sand empires 4* have 5.7% odds to begin with.

Found it:

Yea, those are the old odds, but they seem to be reworking the odds for new seasons. See even the top post from zephyr:

No guarantee it will leave beta like that, but that’s what happened to Springvale.

Unless I missed your point somehow.

EDIT: Yea I think I missed it! New odds for epic/rare are the same as last year.

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The odds for 3* and 4* in springvale were increased to match sand empires.

Sand empires won’t see an increase of 3*/4* odds because there are no new 3*/4*.

But it mighy have increased 5* odds to match the new springvale.


Any day turned out to be last night!


Still no info on the date of the event?

Was looking for the same info … looks like the exact release date is still unknown.
They changed alot, i expect SE next month…

Congratulations! Enjoy your shiny new Magni!

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Anybody have experience with Rana? I like her special, but people keep talking about Yunan being better. Based on his special, it doesn’t look as good to me.

If anyone has any info comparing the two, I’d appreciate it. :blush::wink:

Beta Update

Beta has closed with staff indicating that Version 30 Beta Testing is now complete.

Version 31 of Beta Testing is indicated to open later in the week so stay tuned to the #beta-beat category for new updates :slight_smile:

I got Hisan in 2018 and Arman+Jabbar in 2019.

They are very helpful for me many occasions especially with the bloody tourney. Sand storm skill will complement the poison and burn attack in the defense team, and I got very good ranking on defending.

Arman is extraordinary with using him in rush attack tourney, I always bring Melia together with Arman and both of them are super destructive…

All in all, sand empire are very good and only second to Christmas heroes, in my opinion. I wish I can pull 5* heroes this year.

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This content has now left beta & is implemented in the live game in Version 30:

First appearance will be in 2020 Sand Empire which starts on the 29th of June.


Sorry, but what does OP mean?

OP is overpowered

But that is conversation before Roc is nerfed in beta.

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OP can also mean original post or original poster. It all depends on context.

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This thread may help you with the abbreviations

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Save your darts for Thor or Odin coming end of the year. Not sure what role Roc plays during Offense and Defense. Immediate damage is still better (dead opponents can’t use specials). Heal + Cleanse Rigard still better.

Not pulling for this desert eagle.

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